Monday, October 8, 2012

There's this creep

I've been struggling to regain my fitness for the past 2 months. It's been rough ever since my left knee started hurting. Now, my knee is one part of my body I've never had to fret over. I never even think about it as I take it for granted. I mean I wake up and I never wonder, will it hurt when I stand up?

All it took was just one click-clack and suddenly walking is an issue. I remember looking at a flight of stairs and wondering if I could climb it. Imagine! I remember going to Gardens of the Bay and wondering if I needed crutches.

I rested it a lot and later I felt I was able to start exercising again. However, running was out of the question. So I went to the Senior Citizens Corner to use the exercise machines.

The machine in the pic above? That's one of my favourite exercise machines. It exercises the joints in the legs. Plus, my legs don't hurt when I use it. There are many machines at this corner that I could use for exercising different parts of my body. Over time, I realised that exercising my legs did not worsen my knee problem. So I continued going to the Senior Citizens Corner. (it's an actual name)

One day, I realised that there was this creep. I go to exercise early in the morning after walking my son to the train station. It's cool and not crowded - perfect time for me. Anyway this creep would be at the Senior Citizens Corner as well. He must be new because I know all the regulars. He doesn't use any of the machines. However, he would stand very close to the machine that I am using. Like he would sneak up on you and stand close enough to you so you feel creeped out. Meanwhile, he would be swinging his arms or whatever, pretending to exercise. And the most horrible part, I would catch him staring at my chest. Yes, the bloody pervert! I wanted to poke his eyes out.

After running into him and being perved at over and over again, I decided I would have to exercise at a different time. I think I have the most horrible luck.

Trying to exercise in the evening is a lot harder than in the morning. You have to go at the right time when it's not too hot and not too late. I'm usually in the middle of something and I have to interrupt myself and it's a real pain. But it has to be done.

Yesterday for the first time I was able to shuffle jog without killing my knees. Just imagine a 100 year old woman trying to run. Anyway, I managed to shuffle jog my usual 6 rounds. Today I woke up and expected to be completed crippled but to my surprise my knees held up. So I am really happy about that. I hope my knee completely recovers. I have already signed up for another public run with hubs.  I forget if it's in November or December. It's a walk or jog so I can always walk.

I have another Tai Chi session tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it. Alright, I'm lying. It's getting really hard. Tomorrow I intend to ask for a slower pace. Hope no one throws stones at me.


Linda said...

How awful that the "creep" has made you have to change your schedule. That would be "creepy" to say the least! Be careful! Maybe you can get someone to go with you?

Tiba said...

Ignore the stupid creep. Hope your knees feel normal soon. Cheers Tiba

tamdoll said...

Jane! You need to exercise at your regular time & make yourself a t-shirt that says "Stop staring at my chest, you creep."

Well, besides that, it was good to read that at least your knees were feeling better. I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym again one of these days... it's nice that you can exercise outdoors - the most I can do is walk in my neighborhood when the weather isn't too icy, or too sunny, or when the dogs won't chase me...

Fiona said...

Hope your knee will get better! I've just dug out my rollerblades and I am keeping my fingers crossed I wont break any bones!

Little Blue Mouse said...

It's a good job you said it was an actual name because I thought you'd made up Senior Citizen Corner!
I hope your knee gets better soon.

LT said...

Jane, just cough and spit, blow snot out, throw up phlegm in his direction. You shouldn't have to be made to feel unsafe in your own neighbourhood.

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