Monday, October 22, 2012

The money losing fabric

Remember my money losing Alexander Henry Dragon Princess fabric which I wrote about here? I had problems selling items made out of this fabric. But that was in early December 2011. During the last Christmas craft market, every item I had made in this fabric was sold. So in the end it worked out all right. But I still had a good amount of the fabric left.

Last week, I stared at the fabric again. (not with hate) I decided to once and for all, use up the fabric. After all, I am now certain the items will sell. It's just a matter of time. So I cut up the fabric and I made a total of 3 items. I would have made more but what was left was only suitable for very small items. Let's call them unusable remnants for the moment.

The first bag I made was my favourite Crescent Bag. Usually when I make the Crescent Bag I like to use a thicker fabric but this fabric is thicker than thin so it turned out fine. Now I'm looking at the bag I feel so in love with it. So of course I'm hoping no one buys it because I'm ready to be gifted with it.

The 2nd bag I made was my Get up and go go sling bag. (pattern available here) You see I use a similar sling bag in this same fabric when I sell at craft markets and you can be sure, at least one or two customers will tell me the one I'm carrying is the one she wants. And of course I would not have any available for sale. So this is my last Get up and go go sling bag in this Dragon Princess fabric. I wonder who would buy it? Must remember to take a photo of the future customer. (jumping the gun)

Okay, the 3rd bag I'm not showing you today because it's my secret bag! I'll show it next time.

Anyhoos, last Sunday I woke up and saw this message in my inbox. It was from a reader who had read my post on my losing fabric and offered to buy the fabric from me! Oh, ain't that sweet? Unfortunately my fabric was already in tatters.

17 out of 74 projects completed.

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Suzee said...

Love love love that fabric! The purses are adorable,,,,i can't wait to see the secret project!

Laurie-Jane said...

I would buy either of the bags they are lovely.

By Night said...

I looove how they both turned out!!

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