Saturday, October 27, 2012

The return of the pleated bags

In November 2010, I attempted to make a pleated zip pouch and I fell flat. Certainly it didn't look bad because how can I possibly make anything bad? (it's the truth) But it didn't sit well and that really bothered me as I think I've got the proportions or the dimensions wrong. Anyway, I was going to fix it and come up with something that could meet my expectations and then I lost interest totally.

Yes, believe it or not. I went off pleated pouches and pleated bags TOTALLY. I really thought it was not possible to go off pleated anything. I was just so crazy over pleats that year.

So what brought my interest back to pleated bags? A while ago, one of my customers wanted a bag in the following design.

Yes, this design. I use this illustration on my sidebar for my tutorials. She did not realise it was just a drawing. It did amuse me to no end and you know me. I rose to the occasion and accepted the challenge and made her the bag.

This is the bag. Due to a lack of fabric, I could only squeeze in two pleats.

This was the other 2 pleats bag I made. (this one also sold) Anyhoo, 2 pleats was all it took to re-ignite my interest in pleated bags.

After frittering most of October away, I've finally got down to business. First up, I made a small pleated zip wristlet.

I want to be honest with you. It doesn't look bad. But there's still no love. What am I missing? I still feel the wristlet doesn't sit well. Maybe such wristlets aren't meant to sit well.

This medium size pleated zip bag on the other hand doesn't photograph well. It really looks so much better in person. And I love, love it.

Most times I would make the zipper a recessed zipper for pleated bags. But this bag isn't very big to begin with and a recessed zipper would automatically reduce the usable height of the bag.

I have already started work on the next pleated bag and the next one will be much bigger because I have a lot of the fabric. It's not green-yellow, I promise. But yes, it has flowers.

* * *

So October's coming to an end and my Etsy $5 bag pattern sale ($5 per pattern) is also ending on the last day of October Singapore time. It will be a pity if you miss this sale because there won't be another sale for a while!

* * *

The weather in October has been driving me crazy. First it rains a lot. Like every single day. Then when it doesn't rain, it's very hot. Like make me go insane hot. When I sew, I use the iron a lot and the heat just make me want to be a ranting lunatic. (it is raining as I type)

* * *

Today I got a little miffed when I woke up to a online sale of a bag pattern but no payment. Now, as a seller, getting non-payment occasionally is part and parcel of the trade. And I understand it happens and it has happened to me at craft markets on a few occasions. But it has never happened to me for an online sale so this is my first. So excuse me if I don't brush it off as part and parcel. I emailed the buyer to remind her about payment and I do appreciate that she replied me immediately to tell me she had changed her mind. I think sometimes in online shopping, we forget that there is a real person behind the shop. For me, I do not mind that customers change their mind but wouldn't it be nice if the customer were to leave you a note to cancel the sale so you could recover your listing fees?

* * *

One last thing I wish to talk about. Some of you might read my posts via Facebook. As you know not everyone who subscribe to my Facebook page here will get to see my updates in your news feed. (I don't really know how facebook decides who gets to read my updates) But what I do know is that if you interact with my page (via likes, comments or simply coming to visit the page) you will get to see my updates. Well, if that's too much work, just subscribe to my blog via email. (see sidebar)

Alright then. I hope everyone's having a good weekend.

19 out of 74 projects completed.

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punkychewster said...

i love the fabric on the first pleated bag!! where did you get that fabric from?

Chiara Z said...

The green bag with the four pleats is my favourite--it looks like a lot of fun and extra-roomy. I hope the pleat love catches on again for you.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Both the blue and green fabrics are gorgeous, but I could just eat those green flowers - they look really fruity (in a flowery sort of way)!

Nat Denys said...

I looove everything about the medium sized one... the shape, the pleats and the fabric! you did an amazing job there!

Chris H said...

Your pleated bags are darling!

I wonder how one in a very simple, one colour would look? The pleats would show up more? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

No customer will send a message to tell you they have cancelled. They have no idea that you have it processed as a sale regardless of it being cancelled. Besides it would be embarrassing and annoying to have to do that.

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