Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Singapore Court

It's been a while since I gave you guys an update on what's happening in Singapore. The real reason why I've been not too productive last week was that I was totally engrossed in Singapore's current live drama taking place in a court room. It was quite uncharacteristic of me. Usually I don't pay so much attention to court cases. This time I went out of my way to search for news of ex CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau) director Ng Boon Gay's trial. Hahahaha. Yes, just type "Ng Boon Gay".

The accused Ng Boon Gay with his wife.

Just to catch you guys up, Ng Boon Gay is on trial for 4 counts of corruptly obtaining sexual favours from an IT sales manager Cecilia Sue.

Cecilia Sue - no one knows what her eyes look like because she always wears Fendi sunglasses in public.

Ng Boon Gay's story - He and Cecilia were having a relationship so the 4 counts were, ahem, part and parcel of a relationship. Yes, he's an unfaithful son of a bitch (my words) but he is not corrupt.

Prosecution's story - Ng Boon Gay and Cecilia had a relationship but it was terminated. The 4 counts happened after the relationship ended. As such, the 4 counts were, corruptly obtained. In other words, he asked for the benefits without the relationship. (my words)

Cecilia's story - She gave various versions to the anti-corruption officers.

On the stand, Cecilia Sue gave the prosecution a heart attack when she changed her story to one where she and Ng never had any relationship and the 4 times he obtained sexual favours from her? He practically pushed her head on his crotch! Yep, not once but 4 times! Oh, and the one time she thought he got her pregnant? Never happened because she managed to run away from him.

The defense brought out her previous statements and text messages she had sent to the accused to support their story.  But Cecilia was very good. She managed to Tai Chi her way out of all the defense's questioning.

Even so, the prosecution needed her to tell their version of the truth. So finally, the prosecution had no choice but to call their key witness a liar. Plus the defense wants to impeach her. Awesome! The trial has been adjourned so it's back to my boring life and I can get back to sewing.

* * *

Oh, remember the body in the water tank case? A female corpse belonging to a maid was found in the rooftop water tank of a block of flats in May last year. Subsequently, a cleaner was arrested for her murder. In July this year, after 14 months in remand, he was discharged of the murder charges. But he was charged with trespassing on the rooftop and two charges for possessing obscene and unauthorised movies on his mobile phone. Today, all charges have been withdrawn. 

Poor guy. He was detained for 14 months! Apparently, the maid killed herself. Could he have saved her or did he do his best to save her? Only he knows. Whatever, he's already served time.

* * *

Hopefully nothing exciting happens this week. It's already Wednesday and I need to make like over 60 more bags.


Chris H said...

Hmmm sex and suicide ... interesting topics on your blog today! I would be very daunted if I had to make 60 bags!

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