Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ah Ma's Birthday

Every morning after I wake the kids, the first thing I do is turn on the computer and open Firefox. Like clockwork, I'm connected to the internet. Since Sunday, I am horrified to discover that my broadband has become unstable. Sometimes it disappears and I'm suddenly not connected to anywhere. I'll be honest. Those few hours felt unbearable. How did I become this way? But there's no turning back.

This morning, my broadband dropped again and immediately I telephoned helpdesk. This is my 4th call to Singnet since Sunday. Of course they tried to walk me thru' the checks. I told them I had already checked all the physical connections and not to bother me with trying this or that. I also told them that the connection would come back on in a few hours and I was right. I suggest a technician be sent down to have a look. Guess what? They could not log on to their system to assign a technician to me. Hahahahahahaha.

Anyway, while my broadband is connected, I'd like to share with you me mom's birthday celebration which took place over the weekend. I think she's 81 this year. It was held at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant which is next to the sea so the view is really good. We occupied 3 tables for ten in all. Me mom has a lot of kids and grandkids. Btw, everyone calls her "Ah Ma" because that's what you call grandmothers in my dialect group.
This is what we could see from the window. Lots of ships at the loading bay.
My sister could get her 3 month old grandson to clasp his hands together kinda like to wish "happy birthday". Clever kid!
Here's the birthday gal receiving her red packet from me. If you're not sick of Chinese food, here's what we ate. It's a little different from wedding dinner fare.
Birthday Buns (inside is a sweet paste)
Shredded Scallops with Crab meat and Egg White
Shark's Fin Soup With Crab Meat. 
It is served with vegetables fritters which you could soak in the soup. Um, no thanks. I eat the fritters unsoaked.
Peking duck
If you've eaten peking duck before, you'll know that it's just the skin you eat which is wrapped in the pancake. Also, the staff will show you the whole duck first. Just a formality.
A different view from the window since the restaurant has "revolved". At the far end of the image, what the grey dots floating in the sky are cable cars.
Steamed Red Fish
Sauteed Garlic King Prawn
Sauteed Fresh Scallops  with Vegetables (Chinese are mad over scallops, I dunno why)
Sauteed Noodles With Shredded Duck And Pepper
Remember we only ate the duck skin? The rest of the meat went into this noodles.
 We "revolved" again. Singapore at night.
Chinese Pancakes (inside is red bean paste, yum)
Fresh Fruits

This restaurant is also a venue for wedding dinners. On Sunday, there was a wedding taking place on the other side of the restaurant.
Me and hubs could not resist taking a couple of snaps of us "getting married".
For better or worse.

See ya.


Solstitches said...

Happy birthday to your mom!
The birthday feast looks yummy and I know it tastes good too because I've been lucky enough to visit your country twice many moons ago.
Cute picture of the happy couple in front of the wedding cake LOL.


Chris H said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum... what a feast you all had.
I have been on the cable cars to Sentosa Island! OOOO It was so high up, and my brother stood up and made our 'car' rock.. I was petrified!

antmee said...

Yum! I hope your mum enjoyed her birthday and tasty looking meal! Hugs to her and the cute baby!

tamdoll said...

What a fantastic post! I love seeing all the goodies that you got to eat. Makes me hungry every time.
And that was really cute, you and Mr. taking those pictures. How romantic!

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