Thursday, August 12, 2010

Michael Miller's Chinese Kids Pouches

Most men can't tell one bag from another. Majority of my readers would agree with that I'm pretty sure. But I thought me hubs was different. I mean this is a guy who owns a pair of green jeans! And has jeans in every shade of black, grey, blue, indigo, ripped, unripped, textured, shiny. Plus thousands of t-shirts. Okay, I exaggerate. Maybe, hundreds. And more hoodies than I have fingers and toes and more rain jackets than ... You get the picture.

Yesterday I despatched 4 Michael Miller's Chinese Kids Pouches thru' him to Sylvia Toh for her to pick one. This morning he told me 3 were sold to 3 persons but he had no idea who bought what as the pouches LOOK ALIKE! 

This one's a flat bottomed drawstring pouch.

This is a poufy fat bottomed drawstring pouch.

This one's a zippy pouch.

This is another drawstring pouch with round bottom. This one didn't sell so I'm gonna sell it at my next craft market sale.

I have just about used up all my Chinese kids fabric save for a smallish rectangle. Let's see if I can squeeze 1 more bag out of it!

I thought it was a terrible waste of the unusable scraps and I used them to make fabric covered button hair elastics!
The parts needed to make these little hair elastics cost too much to make it worthwhile to sell them!
I managed to get 2 faces on the buttons but I think they look a little creepy. See you soon.


nima said...

wow...beautiful bags...i love the fabric covered button hair elastic..lovely

Kandi said...

I love that fabric so much! Your hubbie is funny, they don't look all alike at all, the same fabric but not alike. The buttons with faces are a little spooky but I like them.
Kandi x

Ali said...

Beautiful fabric and beautiful (and very different!) bags :)
I love the "spooky" hair buttons too!


antmee said...

Thanks for a great read! Your hubby sounds quite NORMAL (for a man) lol.

I love the fabrics you have used! Don't find fabric like that around here! You are so lucky.

I love your spooky face hair ties. I think they look cute!

Kandi said...

Jane thanks for your idea of using masking tape I will try that next time, as my finger is still sore!
Kandi x

Dee said...

I am laughing at your hubbies comment - i could imagine my hubby saying the same thing. LOL.
those hair bands look cute too and the faces are sweet.

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