Sunday, August 15, 2010

YOG and 2 Bags


The Youth Olympic Games(YOG) has started and yes, Singapore is hosting it. It's from 14 to 26 August. I'll bet most of you guys have not even heard of Youth Olympic Games. I caught a bit of the opening ceremony on TV but I'm not the kind of person who enjoys ceremonies. My girl was riveted to the screen but she was more into giving a commentary of the ceremony. I almost went crazy listening to her. Friday was rather more exciting as the Olympic torch went past where I live. Me hubs tracked the torch relay thru' the internet and when it came to where we lived, we went to watch it.
The guy in red is carrying the Olympic flame.

Me hubs and I tried to chase the flame but we gave up after 100m because he was wearing a long sleeved shirt while I had no make-up on. Okay, it was just very hot. Still, that short 100m chase brought a little excitement to our boring lives.

I'm now officially out of my Michael Miller's Chinese kids fabric because I managed to make another bag out of the last rectangular fabric remnant. Remember my money bag? I made another one.
I'm a little shocked it took me 1 whole day to make this little bag. My way of making the money bag is just too hard. I should seriously consider using bias binding to conceal the raw edges.
You can't tell from the image but the cheery red I used for the handle? I chose to use the "wrong" side as the right side. The "right" side is a little too shiny for my taste.
Inside out.
This is a change purse I made last week. I have a friend, Periwinkle Su who hand stitches everything! Absolutely no sewing machine. I've often wondered how different a handsewn pouch would turn out. So for this change purse, I hand sewed the lining. I thought about hand sewing the entire pouch but I worried the zipper would just come loose easily. Anyway, handsewing the lining doesn't result in a better zip pouch so I'm sticking to my sewing machines. I've listed this pouch at Etsy. Check it out if you're into linen cotton pseudo cross-stitch fabric.

Just wondering. Does anyone watch Project Runway USA 8? I'm a big, big fan. I watch PR Canada and Australia too. Have to say without Heidi and Tim Gunn, it just isn't the same.  But Canada's Iman saying "I'm sori you just don't measure up!" is hilarious.

Today I watched episode 3 of PR USA 8 and I'm starting to be able to tell the faces apart to the point where I'm beginning to have favourites and faces I hate. Oh, I love Valerie because she is so cute! I'm on the fence with Gretchen but I know the editors are gonna make me hate her. What I don't like is how they keep the really horrible designers over better ones just because they make good TV. If you cry easily, they will keep you. If you are a drama queen, they will keep you. If you don't say much, it's Auf Wiedersehen. Oddly, every season, there's bound to be a contestant whose designs look like they learnt sewing from someone very old. So all their outfits turn out looking suitable for the age group 70 to 100.  Think Casanova. It's still too early to tell, but I'm thinking the weird lonely one, Mondo will make it to the final. Plus surely enough good TV has been squeezed out of Casanova. It's hard to look at him because he has very unattractive facial hair.

Auf Wiedersehen!


Chris H said...

I don't watch PR at all... I think we get it here too.
The bags are so cute today!

Micki said...

What a lovely purse you made. I love it!

Solstitches said...

Enjoy the games.
The bag you made is fabulous. It is beautifully made and well worth the effort you put into it.
Love the little purse also.


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