Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Movie, A Book And Two Bags

This week I was gonna clock 8 hours of sewing every day but it didn't happen. I felt tired because sleep hasn't been good lately.

Do you remember my date at the races with me hubs? Well, he wrote his version of the date. If my exciting life interests you so, please go here to read it.

Very exciting news. Me hubs wrote a movie and it premiered yesterday. It's Phua Chu Kang: The Movie. If you're not from Singapore or Malaysia, you wouldn't have heard of Phua Chu Kang, a well-known local contractor who's linguistically challenged. The movie is mostly in Singlish, Mandarin and some dialects. If you live in Singapore or Malaysia or even Batam, please go see the movie when it's available in your country.

I'm proud of me hubs. His first movie!! He wrote Phua Chu Kang for television for years so he's the logical choice to write for the movie. My kids love to read his scripts. Often they would be engrossed reading or re-reading his scripts instead of doing their homework!

Speaking of reading, my 13 year old son has become engrossed in my Angels And Demons. I'm not sure if the book is suitable for him but I did not stop him from reading it. However I did tell him to remember that it is a fictional book and that facts could be distorted by clever story telling. That of course set him off on a hunt for distorted facts. Over the years I've tried to interest my son in books I'd enjoyed reading but he never really cared. I have no idea why he decided to read Angels and Demons. Kids! I'm secretly planning on  introducing Isaac Asimov to him. Not the sci-fi books but the riddle mystery stories. The trick is to leave the book lying carelessly around and see if he picks it up!

Time to show you what I made this week.
You probably can tell I used leftover fabric. Making a bag using leftover fabric is actually harder. You have a limited amount of fabric to work with and you need to pull in other suitable fabric to make up the shortage. But I enjoy the challenge.
As you can see, I'm still enamoured with drawstring casing.
This one's a hand-carry bag.
This bag is really small but it has a big bottom.
The casing is almost as tall as the bag.

I'm still drunk on drawstring so expect more bags with drawstrings. Coming up soon. Nite, nite.


Jennifer said...

Love them both. The colors of the bottom one are AWESOME! You are so creative.

Solstitches said...

Congratulations to your husband on writing the script for the movie!
I love your latest bags Jane. I'm fascinated by the drawstring feature and wonder if this is from a purchased pattern and, if so, can you give details? I'd love to try making a bag in this style.


jane p said...

@Jennifer Thank you.

@Margaret All my bags are designed by me otherwise I would credit it. For my latest bags, I just figure them out as I go along. As these 2 bags are made from leftover fabric, I did the sizing based on the amount of fabric I have. That's right, just cut and sew.


Ali said...

Beautiful bags Jane! I just love your designs and have being working my way through your tutorials :)
The drawstrings are such a good idea, looking forward to seeing more!

Micki said...

I love your bags! I really enjoyed Angels and Demons. I bet he would love Stephen King books.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous black and white bag, Aunt Jane! (: Btw, I saw the blue (or was it black) and white you made for Kim (my friend who bought 2 from you), and it's brilliant!

tamdoll said...

Congrats on the movie! You must be so proud of your husband.

Your bags, as usual, are stunning. I love the black and white fabric - love trees! as well as the drawstring with the blue lining, it's so bright and cheerful. I'd never know you were using leftover fabrics if you didn't mention it.

Good luck with the 13 year old & books. It's hard to keep up with what the kids are reading. Angels & Demons wasn't that bad. The Da Vinci Code made my oldest ask a million questions. I didn't like her reading the Twilight series... but it's hard to keep up and know what's in all of these. Good idea to remind them all of the "fiction" category.

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