Tuesday, August 17, 2010

blue and orange

Some time in July, me hubs went to check out the storage items at Ikea's annual sale. I was too busy to go so I asked him to buy a specific fabric for me. You probably think he bought the wrong fabric. Um, worse. He came back empty-handed as "the entire textile department at Ikea had disappeared! Ikea has shut down the fabric section."

I simply could not believe it. On the last day of the sale, I made a trip to Ikea personally to see for myself. Nope. The entire textile department at Ikea is still where it has always been. The difference between most men and women? Men sees empty space when women sees fabric.

Anyway, I bought this very striking Ikea blue and orange fabric. It wasn't on sale but it looked so festive I had to get it. Made 2 big bags and 1 pouch out of it!
It's been a while since I made anything big and I'd gone rusty. Each bag took many hours to make. I wonder how I managed to work so fast in the past? I'll be honest with you. I really enjoy making smaller items now. But I have a 3-day craft market sale coming up and I wanted to have a few bigger items to sell. This is a very simple and functional recessed zip tote.
The inside.
I love making my pleated zip shoulder bags!
I had the perfect carrot fabric for the lining!
Of course I had to make a zip pouch. There's only a little bit of the fabric left but I doubt if I could make anything out of it.
I made more hair elastics and had lots of fun choosing the perfect remnant.
I really like the black and white ones.

I'm a little concerned that the rainy season is not over yet. Just half an hour ago, it was thunderstorming like crazy. See, from 20th to 22 August, Friday to Saturday, I'll be selling my bags at the Singapore Art Museum as part of Singapore HeritageFest 2010. I'm going with the MAAD gang. As the event is held outdoors, outside the main entrance, it is understandable why I'm very concerned. Apart from rain, I'm worried about flood, where to get food, tea, mosquitoes just to name a few.

This is the first time I'm selling 3 straight days. This means I have 3 days to sell all my items. If traffic is bad, it could mean 3 days of suffering. Whatever. Details are below.

Friday, 20 Aug  5pm to 10pm
Saturday, 21 Aug 1pm to 10pm
Sunday, 22 Aug 12pm to 8pm

See ya.


antmee said...

I think this is a saying that was written regarding the buying of fabric "Never send a man to do a woman's work". lol

Lucky you went and checked it out! Great fabric! Great bags! I really love your pleated zip shoulder bag too!

tamdoll said...

That blue and cheddar orange color are fantastic - good thing you found it and didn't rely on the man to search out fabric for you! I hope you have good weather and fantastic sale days this coming weekend.

Solstitches said...

That bag looks great in the fabric you very nearly didn't get :)
The little hair bobbles are great too.

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