Monday, August 23, 2010

Singapore Art Museum 3 Day Art & Craft Market Post-Mortem

Over the long weekend from Friday to Sunday, Singapore celebrated Heritage - Sparkles In The City. Many events were taking place simultaneously in the city and I was stationed outside the Singapore Art Museum for 3 days to sell my bags. All the craft sellers with me are regular sellers from MAAD.

Ok, so how did I do? I sold a total of 15 bags, 15 pouches and 27 hair accessories. I did good, didn't I?

This is the Singapore Art Museum. It used to be a Catholic school.
My tables were in the middle. Can you see my bags? I stupidly chose a table which faced direct sunlight.

This is me on Saturday. I wore my LUCKY roots T Shirt. It worked! I sold the most on Saturday.

Thru'out the 3 days, there were percussion performances in regular intervals  just a few steps from my tables. The first time was rather exciting. But after 3 days, I became rather irritated and my good ear is still ringing from the plak plak chang chang cling clang tok tok PHIANG. On and on and on and on. Each performance was at least an hour long!
Once, the Bhangra dancers (who have their own loud drums) joined in the percussion performance. These dancers are visually stunning and they move from location to location in the Heritage trail performing their "surrender" dance.
I never get tired of watching the Bhangra dancers performing their stunts. This is the "I can fly" move. Can you see the guy in purple is swinging his partner by the legs?
This is the "throw you over my head" move.

 The stilt walkers were quieter. Just hobble around and pose for photos.
The pink lion tried to annoy my girl.

I did not take many photos of my customers. It was too hot, too noisy and I simply forgot.
Tiba came to support me. She snagged my canvas crossbody bag. This is her with her family. I'm really happy when customers return. Thank you Tiba. I appreciate your support and encouragement so much. You have no idea.
Lilla from Perth is the owner of my linen-cotton tote. Very nice lady.
Me sis came to buy a bunch of my pouches too. Thanks sis. Kisses.
I remembered Len who had bought a nautical bag from me in July at Iluma Arts Market. She bought this drawstring pouch.

It was a pretty intense 3 days. I was hot and itchy. I was high on antihistamine. I have no idea if I was bitten on the chest or my allergy was triggered. On Sunday, my eyelids and nose and cheeks puffed up. I think I still looked human because no one screamed. I had good and bad taxi drivers. I don't know which is worse. The one who drove like a F1 driver or the one who let off gas mid-way. Anyway, I'm exhausted. I'm gonna take 1 day break before I start sewing my next batch of bags. My current stock is pitiful. I was almost wiped out!!


puesta de sol said...


Jenny said...

Jane you did well! Better to have no stock than hundreds of bags you can't sell. Hope I do as well at my craft fair next month!

Kandi said...

I bet that is a good feeling to be wiped out of bags! I am glad it went well for you I would love to attend something like that if it was not 6000 miles away.
Kandi x

Michelle said...

So happy for you that you've sold your bags.
I really like your bags, they all look so great

Chris H said...

Wow you did do well! I just love your cute wee pouches.

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