Thursday, August 19, 2010

Projects Count

I really could have spent my Thursday in more productive ways. Instead I spent a few hours counting the total number of bags I have made since I started making bags in 2007. Previously I was too lazy to count but me hubs is such a nagger.

Here's the staggering figures:
I have made a total of 386 projects!
614 more projects before I hit 1,000.

A breakdown....
101 shoulder bags
71 zip pouches
51 drawstring pouches
49 hair accessories
39 crossbody bags
13 wrist bags
12 brooches
11 granny bags
9 sarubobos
8 boxy bags
5 clutches
4 passport covers
4 coasters
3 phone pouches
3 wallets
1 pair of shoes
1 laptop sleeve
1 pin cushion

More statistics.... Recently, my blogger friend, Chris H posted some amazing stats about her blog. This woman writes about nothing yet she gets a lot of traffic. I don't know the appeal of Chris H to other readers but I love to read about her day and she does not sanitise anything and that's refreshing.

So here are my BRAGGING stats.
This is my 223rd post.
I wrote my first post on September 25 2007.
Currently I have 178 followers on blogger, 116 on facebook. I don't know the stats for my feed. I have had some followers drop out along the way. I'm a tough gal so no, I did not cry.
830 comments so far for my blog. (Thank you! If you know Chris's figures, you'll faint.)
My page view stats as I write this : 104,472

Some self written Q&A!
How did my blog come about? Me hubs saw me scribbling in long hand in my journal the websites I visit for learning how to make bags and introduced blogger to me. The LINK function appealed to me and I was hooked.

Who are my target readers?
Me. This blog is to record everything I did in my bag-sewing journey. This is why I put in my mistakes as well so I will learn. When I discovered with great delight that other folks read my blog, I started to include them, so mostly folks who love to sew bags.

About Comments..
The first few comments were from my kids! My son wrote the first comment in my first post and he used my account to do it. I kept the comment because it's so funny. I love to read comments but I don't reply every single one because sometimes I can't think of anything to write. Seems so silly to write, thank you for your comment, rite?

That's it for my exciting stats. Last night I managed to make 1 more bag.
This is yet another crossbody bag. Very simple and functional. The closure is a magnetic snap which is hidden by the flap. The fabric is a very tough canvas cotton. The hardest part of making this bag was turning the handle inside out. My fingers were really sore this morning. Other than that, it's pretty straight forward sewing. Yes, this bag is included in the project count. The sky was really grey today. You can see from the photos it's really cloudy. I'm still hoping it won't rain the next 3 days.

Just a reminder, I'll be selling my bags at Singapore Art Museum for Singapore HeritageFest 2010 - Heritage Sparkles in the City.  Details are below.

20 Aug 2010, Fri
5pm - 10pm

21 Aug 2010, Sat
1pm - 10pm

22 Aug 2010, Sun
12 noon - 8pm

Do drop by if you live in Singapore. Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

All the best for the 3 day sales! May you sell tonnes of bags! =D


antmee said...

I can see why you are such a fantastic bag maker! You have had a lot of practice!

Your blog is great and very relaxing to read with a lot of "eye candy"! I also sometimes have writers block when it comes to answering comments or even leaving a comment like this! I read other peoples comments and feel they have already said what I was going to say and so why repeat it like a parrot! lol

Jenny said...

Hope the bag sales continue to rise!

Mamasakio said...

That is amazing Jane!
You know I love love love your creations & love your blog! I am passing The Versatile Blogger Award to you X, Shirley

Chris H said...

I don't know how to feel about you saying I write about NOTHING! Ummm... maybe my 'NOTHING' is more interesting than someone else's NOTHING?

Chris H said...

I obviously mis-interpreted HOW you meant that Jane!
Now I 'get' how you meant it... my day-to-day writings are not about anything in particular, but are still interesting enough to a lot of people ... who come back most days to read what I am up to! lol
It is quite flattering when I think about it.
Thanks for the compliment, not that I understand it was a compliment!
I am dim witted I think! lol

jane p said...

Oh, you rock Chris H! You're my no. 1 blog to go to everyday.

Micki said...

What lovely bags...Really beautiful!

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