Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Artist Who Drank His Own Pee

In my last post, I introduced you to the Singapore Art Museum. Thought I'll show you some of the exhibitions at the museum.

One of the Singapore artists showing his works is Vincent Leow. He is also known for drinking his own pee in a performance of the Artist's Urine. No, I did not watch it. I was lucky. His performance was considered controversial. I think he must have been very thirsty. Personally, no drinking of my own pee unless I'm trapped in a mine shaft on the verge of death. Even then, I would think real hard first.

The two images above show a few of Vincent Leow's Tags & Treats. No less disturbing.

Below are more disturbing art pieces from the galleries by other water-drinking artists.
Who's my daddy?
Finger painting.
Paper eating.
If I were pregnant now, I would get nightmares from the images above.

That's my girl's hand.

This one reminds me of the scene from The Matrix movie where all the evil creatures are coming to attack the ship.
This is my favourite.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Kandi said...

That bottom one is awesome! Wow.
Kandi x

*Tea said...

i am glad we have the same taste of art! haha
the paper flower work is amazing and absolutely fantastic!

*Tea said...

omg.. i just now realized the number of your "1000 bags" project. You will make it in only one month if you go on like this!
Wonder what´s your next project going to be then? :D

Chris H said...

The baby ones are disturbing!
I totally LOVE the last one too!
As for drinking my own pee.. NEVER, not in a million years. IKKKKKKK.

by night said...

the babies are very, very disturbing! I agree!

Micki said...

I like the last two...very nice!

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