Saturday, June 23, 2012

10 Sexy Zippy Wristlets


What have you guys been up to? It's Saturday afternoon and hot as crap. I'm sweaty and sticky and badly in need of a shower. My home is a mess as it usually is when I'm in my sewing mode. But none of that matters because I completed 10 sexy zippy wristlets for my VivoCity craft market!!!

A few days ago I peeked into the box which houses my stock and counted the number of sexy zippy wristlet I had and was shocked to discover I had one left.


I almost wept.

What am I saying? I did weep. Profusely.

After consoling myself with a root beer ice-cream  float (3 flavours: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate), I felt I had best get down to biz and make a few for my VivoCity craft market. Since I had one wristlet, I decided I would make 9 more just to get a nice even number. Nothing superstitious just easy to remember. I seriously need not make so many. Five is a good number. But I wanted to not have to make any more for a long time. So 9 it is.

But I ended up making 10. Um, apparently I can't count.

Echino blue peacock

Black and white tulips

Circus Animals

Echino fuchsia birds


Kiyohara beige flowers

Kiyohara blue flowers

Pink MoMo

Pseudo Green Patchwork

Ricco-ricco Houses

After making the first 2 wristlets, I got so tired of making them. I guess I did not think through this little project carefully. And why do I always leave the sewing till the last week before the actual craft market? Mainly to amuse myself, I made the rest of the wristlets using only polka dots for the lining. In the past I only restricted myself to using the mini polka dots. This round, I tried out the midi polka dots and I must say they're just delightful. I'm still a little scared of the monster polka dots.

* * *

It's the last week of the June school holidays. All over Singapore, frantic parents are chasing their kids to complete their holiday homework. Isn't it ridiculous that kids have to do homework during the school holidays? My kids have a ton of homework assigned. A ton. It's been so unpleasant coaxing, pleading with them to complete their work. Somehow after completing one, there'll be another one and another one. I don't even have a true picture of how many are still undone. For the past few days my kids have stayed in their room with the air-con turned on and trying to finish their homework. If only they didn't keep giving themselves breaks for games and social media! And my kids don't even attend the top league schools. There's something very wrong with Singapore schools.

That's all my friends. Once I recover from my 10 wristlets fatigue, I shall make a few more bags. Have a great weekend.

Oh, fancy making your own sexy zippy wristlets? Get the pattern HERE. Special price of $5 sale ends tomorrow. Hurry.


Amanda said...

The wristlets all look wonderful, love those fabrics!

Suzee said...

oh I love them!!! That kiyohara blue one is my fav! I like the giant dots =) good luck on sales! Pass some of that sewing mojo my way!!

mel@all.wrapped.up said...

W00t! Congrats - I know the feeling of pulling off an epic amount of sewing. You just want to put them all in a pile and oggle how neat and tidy they look, or fan them out and just smile at how many there are.

Good luck for the craft market!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well done on getting so many finished! I love the kitty one, but when you see them all together in the last photo the blue one really stands out. It looks great with the blue lining.

Dee said...

You do such a good job of choosing great fabrics! Does if take heaps of time selecting them all? The wristlets certainly are sexy.
We are having our coldest winter in quite a few years. Having said that I live in Brisbane (South-East Qld) so cold for us is mild compared to other areas. Still our night temps are dropping to low sing digits and our days get up to low 20's (on a good day) so can't complaint too much. Today is bleak, grey and drizzly with occasional cold winds. We are expecting a top of 17. It doesn't feel like it has got there. Still, I think I prefer our weather over yours today.

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