Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Circus Animals Clutch

After I had sold these 2 clutches I made here, I thought I had better make a couple more for my VivoCity craft market which is coming very very soon at the end of this month.

Unfortunately I was scatterbrained and in my recent trip to top up my supplies, I forgot to buy the magnetic snaps. I don't want to go back to the supplies shop again so.... But I did have one pair of snaps left.

Honestly I could use any of my fabric to make this clutch because this clutch doesn't require any specific quality of fabric - just nothing too thin. I decided to pair a cutesy fabric from my stash with a red cotton drill.

This is a generic brand fabric. When I first bought it I thought the animals were in little houses. Yes, I have bad eye-sight. When I examined the illustrations closely I was delighted to see the animals were in little trailers, much like what I imagine circus animals would be housed and transported in. Am I right? That's how circus animals are moved around. In cute little trailers.

This fabric looks a little like linen cotton but the texture tells me it's not. And all those "dirty spots"? By golly. I do believe it's calico!

I had originally planned on making 2 clutches to do an encore of naughty bags. I even picked out a song Unchained Melody à la Ghost the movie. Lucky for you, I ran out of magnetic snaps!

Flying solo. So lonesome ah?

Later my friends.

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Chris H said...

OH Jane that bag with it's animal print is just lovely!

Re your question: I machine sew the binding on the front of the project, then hand stitch the back down.
I've been hand stitching for 6 hours already today!
I am determined to get those placemats DONE by bedtime!

corinna said...

Hi Jane
adorable.. you'll sell them like fresh baked bread, I'm sure. Where did you find these beautiful fabrics.. you're so talented... I love the white one the most.. see you at VC

Happy in red said...

So cute, well done!!

Suzee said...

I love that animal circus fabric!! and love the clutch too of course =)

Linda said...

That turned out just PERFECTLY! It's adorable. I do love the fabrics you use.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Aren't they just the cutest circus trains?

Dee said...

what a cute bag! It is bound to be popular.

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