Friday, June 1, 2012

Jane's New Skirt


I've been feeling slightly superior for the past two days as I had been to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Is it just me? When my teeth is squeaky clean, I somehow get a little high and mighty. Mind you, I put off going to the dentist as long as I possibly can. I dislike having some professional stranger's hands in my mouth and you have to keep your mouth open for a long, long time. Of course my fear of the dentist had a lot to do with the horror dentist at my primary school. She was a monster. She screamed all the time and once she gave me a big slap across my cheek because I had forgotten my toothbrush. The slap was so hard my face was bruised. That I have not turned into a psychopath dentist serial killer is a miracle.

What motivated me to go to the dentist this round apart from guilt is the eruption of my wisdom teeth. Unlike most people who had their wisdom teeth removed, I kept mine as I had "room". The problem is wisdom teeth take decades to fully grow and the ones on the left had already reached its full growth. The ones on the right still have a couple of decades to go. Every once in a while these wisdom teeth grow a little, like nano-millimeters. But the havoc the tiny growth creates is quite something else. I get feverish and my gums feel tender and sometimes swollen. You pretty much have to ride it out. It's almost like the teething symptoms a baby gets. Well, my wisdom teeth decided to grow this week and I decided it's a good time to go to the dentist to have them looked at and get me some squeaky clean teeth.

Ever since I discovered male dentists are far more gentle than female dentists, I've not suffered much pain at the dentist. In the past, I had stupidly gone to female dentists and quite unfortunately I picked the sadists. They scold and inflict more pain than necessary. One day my regular female dentist was away and I had a male dentist. After the session, I asked him why it didn't hurt at all. To my surprise, he said cleaning rarely hurts. He was right. I only went to male dentists after that and I'm happy to say there is no more pain. I wish I had been told this a few decades ago.

The thing is I haven't had a cup of tea since my teeth cleaning session. I so want to maintain this squeakiness and I can't bear to drink anything that will change it. At the same time I'm so craving a cup of tea. I can feel myself caving in very soon.

Yesterday a package came for me all the way from Netherlands. It's so nicely wrapped!

It's my new skirt. I won a skirt from Thongbai Tatong and I got to pick the colour I wanted. It's very soft and it fits me. I love it. When I find something to go with it, I'll get hubs to take a pic and you can see me in a skirt. Thongbai has a giveaway from time to time. You can check her out at her blog here.

I have completed my last bag for this weekend's VivoCity craft market. I used the same black white fabric which I had used for my shopping bag. This is a non-threatening print and I could really run with this fabric and make many items with it. Unfortunately I have run out of matching lining.

At last weekend's craft market, I noticed guys checking out my sling bags. It thrills me to bits but I don't have anything man-man to sell this round. My VivoCity craft market details are below. I confess I'm badly in need of a sewing break. I'll see you guys on Monday with my post-mortem.

VivoCity Craft Market Singapore
 2nd to 3rd June (Sat & Sun)
12 noon to 10pm


Linda said...

The skirt is great! Congratulations on the win!
Good luck this weekend!
By the way, I am also deathly afraid of dentists because the one I went to as a child was harsh and grumpy. My blood pressure shoots way up when I even have my teeth cleaned just because I'm in a dentist office!

Bethany said...

Good luck at VivoCity! That's a great skirt you won there!

Dee said...

That skirt is seriously sweet. Congrats on your win. I look forward to seeing it on you. Look forward to the next post mortem and hopefully no migraines.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Oh my God, how did such a monster dentist get to work with school children? I can't believe she actually bruised your cheek; no wonder you were put off dentists.

That's a lovely skirt you've won.

tamdoll said...

Are man-purses going to be in your future? (Just wondering)

Am glad to hear that your dentists now are all gentle and good to you. My next dental visit is in a few days & I'm a little worried! I often get cavities and think that there will be a few fillings in my near future.

That skirt looks beautiful & I'm sure it will look wonderful on you! I'll bet it'll look great with a simple black or white tank top.

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