Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's not my birthday

It's NOT my birthday but I feel like it's my birthday already. More on that later.

Guess who turned a year older? It's my sweet hub. Last night me and the kids stayed up late waiting for him to come home from work to wish him a Happy Birthday. He was surprised!

That explains why this morning we woke up very late. Me and girl went to buy the smallest cake we could find. (son was still zzzz) The best part of birthdays - the presents!

I read in hubs blog he pined for a Spider Spud. So I got him exactly what he wanted. I haven't bought anything from Toys R Us for a long time so I was quite shocked by how pricey toys are. It's ridiculous. Isn't there a law against such high prices? I almost bought myself a doll - the one you get to dress up the hair? But it cost as much as what I sell my big bag. So I wisely put it back.

Girl got dad a necklace with superman pendant. A nice hot pink.

Son got him a wallet.

The wallet came in a very nice box. There was a bonus in the box - a penknife! I don't understand the penknife. Is it something a man needs? Under what circumstances would it come in useful? Oh, guess who gets the BOX? Moi, moi, moi! Happy Birthday to me already.

And my birthday came early yesterday. A package came all the way from Indiana. It's from Suzee who blogs at Applehead Threads. She sent me some bits and bobs. Thank you Suzee. I was very surprised.

One of the items she sent - a cardholder. I had been using my dirty pigs cardholder but it ran out of room. So I'll use hers to house the frequently used cards. It has a lot of room. Notice how there are too many reward cards nowadays? Imagine needing a separate wallet for them. In my case, I need 2.

Suzee is also an Etsy seller. She has some ready made items for sale in her shop. Go check her out HERE. Ask her about custom items too.

Tomorrow maybe we'll go to Outback so the birthday boy could get his fill of meat. He had to work on his birthday! I'll see you in a while.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!
I gave my grown son a Batman Potato Head one year and he love it. There's something about the toys you had as a child that is comforting and fun! You're right, though, toys are expensive now!

Suzee said...

Well, If I known it was his birthday too I would of put something manly in your package for him LOL
Glad you liked your gifts! I think its hard to get crafty friends gifts as they usually have already sewn the items. But glad this worked out for you!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Happy Birthday to your hubs!
Surely every man needs a penknife, especially if it's got one of those attachments for getting stones out of horses hooves - you never know when you might need that!

Dee said...

Happy birthday to your hubs.
Tell me that isn't a hair in the cake icing under the strawberry??
cool gifts for hubby and cool box for you.
when is your birthday Jane?

Chris H said...

Happy Birthday to you man, and to you... Your's can't be far away?
Reward Cards.. tell me about it! There are far too many.

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