Friday, June 29, 2012

Houses cardholder

I made one more item this week. It's a card holder, for credit cards, privilege cards, reward cards and every kind of card the shops give out nowadays. I used my favourite motif - houses. Houses in line drawing are very attractive to me. I discovered other people are into houses line drawings as well! Ha. And I thought I was so special.

This weekend I'm once again emerging from my cave to hawk my wares at VivoCity Craft Market and earn some $$$.

Here are the details:

11am to 10pm
Level 1, near POSB ATM in front of Denizen/Carnivore.

The way VivoCity Craft Market works, you only know where your counter is when you get there on Saturday morning. You get the same counter for both days. Allocation of counters is based on ..... I have no idea what. I really prefer MAAD's system. First come first served. No surprises.

Anyway, if I'm posted near Carnivore, my clothes are going to smell of lamb all day. If I smell lamb all day, I have a very strong desire to become a vegetarian.

Oh, this is going to be my last craft market until September. I'm taking a break.

See you on Monday for my post-mortem.


Linda said...

I love your little card holders! They should sell quickly!
My son was telling me he has been to Singapore (he was in the Navy) and it was a beautiful place. (He was impressed that you had to apply for a government permit to own a car and that the permit cost more than the car. That is hard to imagine for us here in the states where nearly everyone has 2 cars! Of course, we live in places where things are not close together and we don't have the great mass transit system you do!) Good luck in the market!

Little Blue Mouse said...

That's a cute card holder.
I hope you get good sales at VivoCity!

Susana said...

He estado tentada de anotar la dirección de su mercado por las dudas voy a Singapur ,pero no tema usted acá el transporte se parece al suyo.Feliz pos morten !!o feliz CSY? Cariños.

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