Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yellow-Green Roses and New Hair


Well, first of all, don't get too excited about my latest bag. It's just a simple recessed zipper shoulder bag. But check out the fabric. It's a Munsell Collection fabric. You might remember my fondness for yellow-green. I think the roses are just perfect in this colour. The fabric has slubs all over. It's intentional. The slubs give the fabric a nice texture.

I'm still in my polka dotted lining phase.

This is not a big bag. It's a little small for me. But since I didn't make the bag for myself, I think it might suit some women. It's big enough to fit a regular size umbrella. I have often caught customers trying to stuff their umbrellas into my bags for sizing.

I'll be making another similar bag in a different fabric. But I feel so achy all over now on account of my first jog yesterday. Maybe I'll make it tomorrow. Why am I so tired? My body is failing me.

* * *

Some happenings in Singapore.....

Recently, an aunty was filmed berating a young lady after the young lady had given up her priority seat to her!

Trains in Singapore have reserved or priority seats for the elderly/pregnant/ill/carrying a child. Apparently the aunty was pissed off that the young lady had STARED at her after the aunty had asked for the priority seat.

Yes. In Singapore, staring could get you KILLED.

A heated argument resulted in vulgarities being hurled. Nobody got hurt physically. The aunty did try to take photos of the young lady. I'm guessing she wanted to humiliate the young lady somehow with it. She had no idea she was being filmed and the video would go viral.

I try not to sit on the reserved seat on the trains. You never know. Some self righteous person might decide to take your photo and shame you online.

On 2 occasions I was ROBBED of my train seat. (NOT the reserved/priority seat)

The first time, an older woman boarded the train and PULLED ME OFF MY SEAT. Then she promptly sat down on MY seat. No "excuse me" or whatever. Just yank and pretend like nothing had happened. My god. She HAD the strength to pull me off my seat.

The second time, a middle aged woman sat ON MY THIGH. I had no choice but to get up and give her my seat. Eh, hello. I'm also middle aged.

On both occasions, I just moved away. I did not stare. I did not scold. I kept my mouth shut. I figured these women must really, really want a seat. I didn't even send them any fireballs. Okay, that's a lie. Maybe just a teeny, tiny one.

* * *

Today, shocking news. Okay, maybe not so shocking since investigations started 2 years ago. The founder of City Harvest church, Kong Hee (THE PASTOR) was arrested along with 4 others from the church for Conspiracy to commit Criminal Breach of Trust as an Agent.

$23 million from the charity's funds "were used with the purported intention to finance Ho Yeow Sun's (THE PASTOR'S SINGING WIFE) secular music career".

What I don't get is why the 5 did not just pocket the money. Why use the money to finance Ho Yeow Sun's music career? And I'm not saying we should cheat. But you get what I'm saying? It's interesting the singer was not one of the 5 arrested.

Did the 5 watch Ho Yeow Sun's China Wine video? I cringed a bit. Ok, a lot. A lot lot. How much of the $23 million went into this video I wonder?

* * *

I got new hair! I went with a friend to a new salon. There's something about new hair that gives one a sense of hope, of endless possibilities. Oh wait. I'm confusing it with the day hubs gives me money for the month.


Linda said...

Love your new hair!
I can't even begin to imagine someone pulling you off your seat so they could sit there!! Or sitting on your thigh! Are the elderly women of Singapore ignorant of manners? It seems strange. Here in the states, if someone didn't give up their seat to you, they would just be considered rude and nothing would be said. There are exceptions everywhere, though.

Bethany said...

Your posts always amuse me :) I can't imagine someone just pulling someone out of their seat!!! Reminds me a little of when I took the bus in high school. I do sometimes miss those crazy happenings, but I'm glad being in solitary in my car keeps me away from the nutters :)

tamdoll said...

First, let me say that your hair looks great! I love to go to the salon & come out feeling renewed.

That new bag is pretty striking, haven't seen green roses on fabric! But then again, I haven't shopped for fabric in forever.... I have too much at home that I don't use.

I can't believe that someone would be hostile on public transportation! I didn't appreciate buses and trains so much when I lived in a big city - now that I live in the country & have to drive myself everywhere, I miss it so much!!! I wouldn't mind standing if I had to, just to have someone else do the driving.

I didn't know what to make of the video. Money taken to fund a singing career? You're right - why wasn't she arrested? Did she really have nothing to do with it? Interesting!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Wow, I admire your reserve in not saying anything when the woman pulled you off your seat! She's unbelievable.

I love the green roses on the fabric, they look edible!

Chris H said...

Nice new hair Chick...and as for the seating... not very nice for people to act like that!

antmee said...

Love your hair colour! Seems to be in trend at the moment around here.

I can't believe how calm you were regarding the assault you suffered on the bus. If it happened to me I shudder to think how much trouble I would get myself into.

I love your green roses fabric! I would love to see a sexy zipper wristlet made with it. It would be awesome.

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