Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Miss

I miss making bags without thinking about how much effort I'm pouring into each one and how much I intend to price them.

Bags like these. A ton of work but so much freedom and fun.

I miss making bags that I think no one would buy but I make them anyway.

Bags like these. A lot of obsessiveness involved.
psst... they sell eventually.

I miss time.
To do whatever I like.

* * *

It's crazy hot and humid in Singapore. We had pretty good weather last year and early this year. So good I forgot how hot Singapore can get. Searingly hot. Scorchingly hot. I feel sorry for anyone with skin conditions living here now. Must be hell.

I'm finding it very hard to work on my ePatterns while balancing making bags for my craft market. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe I just feel I can't do it. Not this moment.

This week I put in a few days' worth of work in my ePatterns and I'm all done with the technical portions. But I've decided to put it on hold as I'm feeling anxious about my next craft market. I haven't put in the necessary effort to sew my ass off. I feel this year my priorities are a little screwed. I want to work on my ePatterns but I also signed up for so many craft markets. When I work on my ePatterns, I need 100% concentration and be in the zone. All the disruptions just means I lose time in the continuity. So no work on my ePatterns until my next craft market is over which is end of this month. I will take a break from craft markets until September. During the break, I will see how many ePatterns I can complete. Well, that's the plan.

At the past craft markets, a few customers wanted pouches without zippers. I'm like wtf! I slave over the zippers and they don't want zippers. So I made two pouches without zippers but I included a flap. Nothing spectacular about these clutches but I deliberately made the flap a little over sized. Oh, I wanted to put the handle on the right side but when I made the Houses one, the temperature soared and the humidity reached 80%. Yep, I'm blaming my "error" on the weather.

Meanwhile, let's dim the lights and listen to Touch me when we're dancing.

Play us a song we can slow dance on
We wanna hold each other

Play us a groove so we hardly move
Just let our hearts beat together

Oh baby cos it feels so good
When we're close like this
Whisper in my ear and let me steal a kiss

C'mon and touch me when we're dancing
You know you got that loving touch

Tonight's the night and it feels so right
My heart is saying it to me

You've got me up so high
I could fly coast to coast....

- with apologies to Terry Skinner, J. L. Wallace and Ken Bell who wrote Touch Me When We're Dancing


Arriel Goodwin said...

Hi Jane - love your bags - totally adorable!!! PS - I'm sure many would pay whatever price you are asking for them.

opportunityknits said...

The houses bag is so cute! Love how the houses are centred on the flap. And yes, I keep forgetting how hot it can get too.

Laurie-Jane said...

I blame the weather Jane. pour some cold water on those two. steaming up the craft room.

Suzee said...

wow I was really getting into that dance lol OMG I LOVE those clutches!!! I mayself like the snaps in my bags. Is this one of your epatterns???
I get messed up on the handles too lol but you can blame the weather, I usually do! The peace sign bag is great! love that one!

Linda said...

These bags are beautiful! Your workmanship is so meticulous! I am just now that perfect in my work! I wish I was!

Bethany said...

Somebody had way too much fun with their photo shoot/blog post :)

serene said...

These are insanely cute!!!

hart44 said...

I just love your bags Jane. The little house fabric bag is my fav, I would be happy to buy from you :)
Sue x

佩仪pueyyee said...

i remember there is saying "you can't rush arts". it proved on your bags.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I love the little kitty fabric, it's so cute!
I don't think it matters which side the handle's on; you should do a variety to cater for either preference.

punkychewster said...

Love your fabric pairings! Especially the one with the kitties, tulips and green polka dots on the inside! You know i'm a sucker for polka dots!

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