Monday, June 25, 2012

Presents for moi


I celebrated my birthday recently (hahaha) and guess what I really, really wanted to eat?

Mango pudding.

Not any mango pudding.

It had to be the mango pudding from Din Dai Fung restaurant. It has real slices of mango on top and inside the pudding, there's more mango cubes. This is the only pudding I like.

Never eaten at Din Dai Fung? Well, if you ever come across an outlet, please give it a try.

These are the 2 must-have for us:

This stupidly delicious golden prawns pancake.

And little dragon dumplings.

If you eat with my kids, you have to be super quick or everything will be gone. Don't answer the phone. Don't make conversation. Take your fair share and place them on your plate.

Oh, want to see my presents?

These baubles are from son.

Hubs gave me a new handphone. The one on the left is my old one. Hubs said the new phone is not a very smart phone. It's a good thing because unlike everyone else, I'm still living in a cave. I've been using a regular handphone for a long time. I'm finding it hard to adjust to the new phone. I believe I use superhuman strength when I touch the screen because it always goes too fast to somewhere else. The ringtones are all different. If I can't wake up tomorrow I'm blaming the new phone.

Look what my girl got me. It's like she looked into my heart and saw my secret desire!

It's good for keeping my costume jewellery.

* * *

School has started. Back to 6am wake up. Back to jogging 3 times a week.

Oh, I've been bad. Throughout the June school holidays, I slept in and refused to jog. (it was too hot) I ate whatever I liked and put on weight.

But today I dragged myself to the jogging park. Yay.

Some time after jogging, I told hubs I was certain I had heat stroke. Ever the sympathetic man, he said:

Jane, if you have heat stroke, you'll be dead.

I guess I don't have heat stroke. Tomorrow I'll drag my sorry arse back and do some muscle toning. Oh, I made a bag today. With zippers and all. Maybe I'll show you tomorrow?


Kandi said...

Happy Belated Birthday to youuuuu (sing the tune in your head) :0)
Love your gifts your kids have great taste, so does hubs, the new phone is great! I never thought I needed a better phone until I got one then I became addicted. x

Suzee said...

wow i totally missed sending happy birthday wishes to you =( i had it wrote down and everything! ugh.. but happy birthday!!!
love all your prezzies! can't wait to see your new bag!!

punkychewster said...

Happy birthday Jane! Have a wonderful, healthy year ahead! I just checked out your hubs blog and you two are like the funniest blogging couple eh-VAH!


Linda said...

Happy belated birthday!!! It looks like you had fun!
It was 106 here yesterday. I tried to work in the yard, but gave up! I can't even imagine jogging!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I plod happily along with my old phone, but my daughter has an iphone and she laughs at me being so heavy handed with it. For ages I could only occasionally get the camera on it to work, until I realised that you don't press it and hold down like I'd been doing, but just lightly touch it.

Chris H said...

What lovely gifts.
I hope you have mastered that new phone by now.

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