Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trophy Wife

Yesterday I didn't pay much attention when hubs casually mentioned he had donated a pair of shorts to me. I was busy sewing a bag and finally long after hubs had gone to work, I went to my drawers to get a change of clothes.

This is what I saw.

Yes, hubs had generously donated this massive airy Goldlion uncle/grandma shorts to ME to WEAR.

You know what that means? I am no trophy wife. I had privately speculated I was a trophy wife based on my hot body and pretty smile.

The gift of the ginormous shorts shattered my illusions. Which husband would want his trophy wife to look like humpty dumpty?

Perhaps my idea of what a trophy wife means could be off the mark. Amazingly there is a wide resource on trophy wife. There is even a "How To Be A Trophy Wife" in wikiHow.

I have the opposite predicament of Samantha Brick who believes a husband who prizes your looks and not your mind is the key to a happy marriage.

According to Samantha Brick, her husband "has an opinion — which I adhere to — on how I dress and what I weigh. He prefers I wear classic ladylike attire and, at 5ft 11in, he insists I tip the scale at no more than 10½ stone. In fact, he’s there when I weigh myself."

Hubs apparently wants me to dress like his deceased dad. He sometimes pinches my tummy fat. I had mistaken it for a subtle chiding of weight gained. The sly man had really, I now know for a fact, been checking if my girth was large enough to fit in his old Goldlion shorts!

* * *

Despite the shock of losing my Trophy Wife status, I managed to make 2 items for my VivoCity weekend craft market which is looming closer and closer.

This sling bag should be a crowd pleaser. I'm not too sure about the fabric tho'. In 2009, I was very into camouflage fabric. The fabric is cotton drill and in my opinion the best fabric to make something slouchy without interfacing.

I fished the heart on wings embroidery out of the UFO basket and I'm very pleased with the result. It fits an iPhone with room to spare.

I don't have much time left to make many bags and pouches. Maybe 1 or 2 more. See you.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Nice works you have there...I am sure you are beautiful. They tend to take us for granted sometimes. Maybe meet him at the door tonight as that trophy wife...a little reminder!!!!! lol

Suzee said...

Just show him who wears the pants ...or shorts around there! lol
I love that sling bag! I will say it will sell!!

Linda said...

You are so funny! I would take that as a challenge. I would re-work those shorts into something sexy and beautiful! Use your sewing skills and surprise him!
Love the bags!

Little Blue Mouse said...

It's all very well being a trophy wife like Samantha Brick, but if good looks and youth are the husband's priorities then sooner or later he's going to trade you in for a younger model, and you'll be too old to be someone else's trophy wife.

Could hubs have given you the shorts to make something out of? Maybe hankies or dusters?

punkychewster said...

hahahah OMG woman don't be so sensitive! you are reading too much into a pair of (admittedly) ginormous sized boxer shorts, that may have very well been mistakenly placed in your drawers...

Dee said...

LOL. Oh Jane you are so funny! Hubs has smashed any ideas of you as a trophy wife... lol. My laughing got my daughter's attention and I told her that jane is being funny again in her blog. she wanted me to read it out. I told her the picture had to go with it. aren't hubbys just the darndest creatures? so seriously, why did he think you might want the shorts? between your hot body, his deceased father and humpty dumpty... are they new pj pants?
BW the bags look good. Betcha the camo one sells.

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