Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lost and found


This morning I woke up and saw I had an additional 78 entries for my giveaway while I slept. What an awesome response. This is Sew Mama Sew showing its mighty klout. I just took a peek at the total number of entries to date and it's close to 200. Have you entered? If not, go here. You have until May 25 5pm PST. What I had offered isn't that big a loot but it's fun to try your luck, isn't it? Btw, I wasn't able to reply all of you. I did read every single entry and I appreciate the effort made in each and every comment. Usually I get 1 or 2 comments. :) If you have some free time, you might want to enter in the giveaways offered by other blogs. Go here.

I have a craft market coming up this weekend. As usual I've left the heavy sewing to the last week. Nothing motivates like time biting at your ass.

Today I made a bag that I used to make a lot in 2010 but lost interest in. It's my Rabbit Bag.

It took a helluva time. I used red cotton drill. I'm pretty sure the shop no longer stocks this cotton drill anymore. :( The applique is my polka dotted rabbit. Sometimes I say bunny. Sometimes I say rabbit. I don't know what's the difference. The applique is secured using blanket stitch. This is the very first stitch I learnt when I was 7. My teacher was so patient and forgiving. That was one year of my life I'll never forget.

I would love to make a couple more Rabbit bags. But it'll have to wait till next week. 

Guess what's inside the rabbit bag? Rhinos! It's a Ikea fabric. If the fabric were softer, I would use it to make my bedsheet.

It's been tough selling my larger bags at VivoCity craft market. I'm guessing it's because the price is higher than my pouches. I hope I sell this bag but I'm not holding my breath.

I found a stash in my home of forgotten fabric, all cut out and interfaced.



 It looked like this fabric was meant to be a pencil case so I made another zip pouch. I remember a customer asking me recently if I could make a pencil case using this fabric but at that time I did not know I had this last bit of fabric hiding in my UFO chest. The problem is I can't for the life of me remember who asked me. I hope she reads my blog and comes flying down to VivoCity this weekend to snatch this pencil case up.

* * *

Today my son came home with a musical instrument. He had joined the Chinese Orchestra in his school this year and had spoken mysteriously about this strange instrument he was playing. It's a suona. I've never heard of it and was dying to see it with my own eyes. Son had also tried to describe the sound it makes but I think I had to hear it for myself.

Here's the suona. (NOT sauna) It's not as scary as I imagined. I was hoping he would play the electric guitar like Prince. When my son first played it, I was at my sewing machine and had the fright of my life. I almost maimed my finger. Yes, it was that frightening. The sounds made by a suona is like 100 elephants farting simultaneously. (I imagine)

See ya.

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Bethany said...

You need to somehow get a video of this instrument up here :)
I remember when my brother was learning to play the trombone. When he first blew that thing I'm pretty sure my dad had to go change his pants :)

punkychewster said...

I hope your son is getting better with the suona. I've never heard an elephant fart, but i don't think i would like the sound of 100 elephants farting together. :)

tamdoll said...

I like that pencil case! The stitching really makes it special.

Until I read your post, I'd never heard of, seen or heard a suona. Now I have seen it and I'm not sure I want to hear it.

Dee said...

Hahahahah. I laughed so loud that my daughter came to see what I was laughing at. I told her about your son and his Suona sounding like 100 elephants farting... whatever that sounds like. she laughed too.

I haven't seen you do these style of bag for ages. I like them a lot. pity about the fabric not being available any more... it is fabo.
I am nicking the bag that I bought for my daughter cause she hasn't been using it lately. it is that same fabric. :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

As long as it doesn't SMELL like 100 elephants farting!

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