Friday, May 25, 2012

Pass or fail?

Last night after I published my last post, I went to work on a couple of pencil cases. Easy peasy. But my brain is still resisting pencil cases. No pencil cases this week! I ended up making a shopping bag.

This is a new fabric I've been planning to use. I bought it with ME in mind. I wanted to make something for myself. The fabric is very light even tho' it's a sturdy fabric. I did not interface the fabric because I wanted this bag to be something you could fold up. Okay, I was lazy. So I was like frightened to death the bag would turn out really awful, like limpy. I'm pretty pleased with the result and if it doesn't sell by end July, I'll gift it to myself! I've made a few of these shopping bags in the past. Usually I have a pocket in front because I like front pockets. But this round I wanted to price the bag lower so I skipped the pocket. Will probably get some grief from customers for that! When I showed the bag to my son, he asked me why there wasn't a pocket in front!

The Great Singapore Sale starts today and ends on 22nd July. It sounds like a great time to be selling stuff. Still....on the one hand, there will be lots of people in the buying mood on account of the sales. On the other hand, people expect huge discounts. Also, how do handmade sellers compete with the big brands which have the ability to offer big discounts on their OLD STOCK.

I shan't be pessimistic though. Easy come easy go. 

*  *  *

I'm finally done with my kids' parent-teacher meetings. So glad to get that over with. It wasn't as bad as I imagined. One of the reasons I dread such meetings is the report card on my kids' performance is also a report card on my performance as a mom. I know I've been a pretty lazy parent especially since my kids became teens. Many times I just don't want the stress and did not put my foot down. My kids did not perform as well in the exams as I had hoped. It's a wake-up call. I have to be more vigilant and more proactive in monitoring my kids' homework and ensuring they put in a good amount of effort preparing for tests and exams. I anticipate a lot of resistance and stress but it's something I have to do. I can't run away from it.

*  *  *

I should be packing for my craft market now. Hope I don't forget anything. I'll refer to my list. Oh, in my next post, I'll announce the winner of my giveaway. Which breakfast will Mr Random Org pick?

Craft market details
Sat & Sun 26th to 27th May 2012
VivoCity, Singapore
 Level one, near Denizen/Carnivore
12 noon to 9pm


Suzee said...

I totally love the bag! The choice of fabric is great! If it sells good maybe you could add a pocket on next one = )
I always dreaded the parent-teacher meetings. Especially when some of the teachers I had were still there! They would compare my kids to me or my husband when we went to school and I didnt like that..
Good luck at the craft market! oh boy, I would love to go !!!!!

Linda said...

Have a wonderful market! I hope you sell out!
I love the bag, pocket or not. I like my pockets on the inside, so there are probably others like me around!

Bethany said...

I love the bag!!! It's simple, but still stylish!

antmee said...

I love this bag just the way it is. The fabric for the lining is a perfect combination. Good luck at your market. Not that you will need it as your bags are fantastic.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I love the bag, really nice fabric. The only thing that's spoiling it, is it doesn't have a pocket on the front! ;)
(I like winking in comments because in real life I can't wink!)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Forgot to say, I've just been reading some of your 'You might also like:'.
How do you put those on the blog?

tamdoll said...

I like your "gifting it to myself" idea! I do that when I'm tired of putting the same old stuff out for sale.

On the other hand, I've been running away from my teens & their school responsibilities for a while now. If I remind them to do their work, I get yelled at. If I sit down to help them with something, I'm yelled at. It's been very frustrating, so I've just taken a step back and hope they know that their future is in their hands! After grade 5 we don't even have parent/teacher meetings - they're only "upon request"!

I think I've missed a bunch of your posts lately ... hoping your market this weekend is going well!

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