Friday, May 4, 2012

What I bring to a craft market

This weekend I'll be back at VivoCity, Singapore selling my bags and stuff. Go here to find out more. I have lost track of the number of times I've gone out to sell at craft markets. I know it's a lot. One thing though - I always forget to bring something. Today I decided to do a checklist of what I bring to a craft market. I'll simply refer to it in future.

1. Signboard

My brother made this signboard for me a few years ago. It's made of cardboard and printed professionally. It's been trampled on, sat on, grabbed at, and once, the wind tried to take it away.

2. Name cards

I forgot my name cards the last 2 times I was at VivoCity. And people kept asking me for them. If you bring a ton, no one will ask for it!

3. Table cloth

I forgot my table cloth just once this year in February. I didn't know how crucial a table cloth is until I tried displaying my pouches on a uncovered surface. There was no friction and my pouches kept sliding down and wouldn't stand proud.

4. Props and hooks

I have an assortment of props which I use to either prop up my items or add height to the display. I find boxes rather useful too.

This time I'm trying out my new carousel which I'm using to display my brooches. Do you think this way of displaying will lure more people to come check out my brooches?

5. Plastic carriers

No, I did not go green. Why? Paper carriers are more expensive. Most customers refuse my plastic carriers anyway.

6. Mirror

Once I offered a customer my mirror and then I couldn't find it. So embarrassing.

7. Receipt book + working pen + calculator + list of item codes

Here at VivoCity, I don't need to bring my cash change as we have a cashier. But I need to write out the invoice with the correct item code and price.

8. Items I'm selling

Once, a long time ago, I packed everything except my bags and pouches. hahahaha

9. Camera

To take photos for my post-mortems.

10. Medication
- panadol and anti-histamine

11. Stuffing for the bags

12.  Little things but they're important
a. scissors
b. scotch tape
c. stapler
d. string
e. extra price tags
f. sewing kit
g. energy bar
h. a book
i. notebook

I'll be back on Monday with my post-mortem. So see you then.


Textile Tragic said...

Good luck with the market--and thanks for sharing your checklist. I've never written mine down, but tend to bring too many just-in-case items. Yours is complete without being excessive, I think.

Bethany said...

Good luck!!!!!
Your little spinny brooch rack would make me look closer--touches like that make me interested.

Suzee said...

I wish you lots of sales!!! Where did you have your name cards printed? on line ? I like them.
The display for the brooches are awesome!I think the color tags make them inviting!

Dee said...

That stand looks good. It should draw eyes to the brooches. A master list sure helps, especially when you have to carry lots of items.
All the best with the market and may you sell heaps of bags.

punkychewster said...

I love your brooch carousel!!! And the packaging that comes with the brooch! Very stylish and profesh! Good luck on the VivoCity sales!!!

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