Saturday, May 19, 2012

A bird peed on my face

Two years ago, while walking my girl to school, A BIRD SHAT ON MY HEAD. You can read the post here.

Since that fateful day, I've been nervous each time I walk along the same path where it happened. The path is right next to a patch of green and the government agency in charge of greens in Singapore had thoughtfully planted lots of trees lining the path. It's been two years. Each time I reach home unshatted at, I feel as if I've struck the lottery.

On Wednesday, hubs and I were on our way home after our lunch date when I heard some rustling above me. The next thing I knew splaaatttt something hit my face, right next to my eye. I think I closed my eye in time though a microscopic amount may have gone in. I wiped the liquid off my face with hubs hanky and could feel more on my t-shirt. And however grossed out I was, I just felt lucky I wasn't shatted on again.

I immediately showered and washed my hair when I reached home. Upon careful examination of my t-shirt, there was a yellow stain confirming my suspicion I had been peed on. The smell pretty much told me I was right.

Now that I've finally gotten over the peeing incident, I'm starting to question if it was a deliberate act. Hubs was walking next to me. He's taller. Why wasn't he peed on?

I fear I am the chosen one.

I told my mother what happened and you know what she said?

What kind of bird was it?

I don't know what kind of a bird it was because after being peed on, it's not a good idea to look up. I have drawn an illustration of what happened. Just look at the size of the bird! This is how I dress around my neighbourhood. Shorts and tees.

I asked my mother if a bird had shatted or peed on her and she's lived a long life, more than 80 years. And no, it has never happened to her before.

*   *   *

I have got my Canon S100 back! I was told to expect to wait at least 2 weeks but it's only been 1 week. I think Canon subscribes to a "Under Promise Over Deliver" customer philosophy. Because I'm suddenly no longer hating Canon. I shall adopt it too.

Customer: How long will it take to make this bag in this fabric?
Jane: 100 days.
Customer: Wah, so long. Okay.

7 days later......
Jane: Your bag is ready.
Customer: Oh, my god! That was FAST!

Incidentally, Canon replaced the entire optical system. Isn't that 99% of the camera?

*   *   *

I've been a very bad girl. I did not watch my diet this week. I ate a lot of the food I know will give me headaches and all week I've been suffering. Today I did it again and now my head is totally splitting apart. See, I was thinking, I'm already having headaches.....

I deserve the headaches I get because I am a weak, greedy person with little self-control. No pity for me please. Next week I'll be good.

*   *   *

It's been a very tiring week for me. I had to go out and travel on the train a lot. It's exhausting especially when it's very crowded. Plus the headaches makes it worse. I did not do much sewing! This is what I made so far.

This is probably the last crescent bag I make for now. I need to move on to other bags.

*   *   *

Some updates about Singapore. Remember I wrote about maids falling to their death here? Another maid has fallen to her death from a high-rise flat, cleaning the windows on Thursday. When will employers learn?

*   *   *

In my last post here, I told you about a local by-election? It seems the disgraced Yaw Shin Leong who was expelled by his party slinked back to Singapore and issued a letter of apology to his former ward via the media.

“I take pride in being able to serve you, though for a short period of time.”

Mr Yaw, game over.

*   *   *

Come back on Monday for my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway. If I forget, will someone remind me? See ya.


SIL said...

In one lucky year, I was shat on THRICE, each time in a different country. At a beach in Australia, just OUTSIDE Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and in Korea during WINTER!!! I had a stalker birdie...

Little Blue Mouse said...

Ha ha, I think you got off pretty lightly with a bird that size!
I didn't even know that birds peed; with their poo being so sloppy I just thought it was somehow mixed in together.
By the way over here it is supposed to be lucky if a bird poos on you. Mind you I think that must have originally started when it happened to a child and the mother was trying to pacify it.

I love the "Under promise over deliver" thing, very clever, I must try that.

Suzee said...

lol.. I about choked on my coffee when I read the heading of your post.. sorry I'm the type of person that laughs at ppl when they fall then ask.. oh are you ok??
That would be gross, its not happened to me but to my friend was sticking her tongue at at my sister and a bird plopped a big one right on her tongue! I think you might want to wear a hat on your outings now! ( or push your hubs while cowering behind him)

Bethany said...

I am sitting her laughing at this post. "What kind of bird was it?" Hahahahaha :)

Chris H said...

I have never been shat on by a bird! Lots of babies, but no birds! lol

Lolis. said...

ja ja jane!! Es buena suerte creo en la mayoría de los países.Es el precio que tuvo que pagar para tener su Canon una semana antes.
En la ciudad en la que vivo las palomas son una epidemia y no tienen respeto alguno por los humanos ,el miércoles tuve una alegre conversación con la amiga de una de mis hijas de 10 años ,con la que tenemos en común haber sufrido lo mismo que usted ,ella me informo que los pájaros nos tiran lo 1 y lo 2 al mismo tiempo porque solo tienen 1 "agujerito".Dicho lo cual mi hija nos dijo que no quería hablar sobre lo 1 ni lo 2.La amiga de mi hija me miro y comenzó a contarme que su tía había muerto mientras dormía .Mi hija se enojo y nos grito que teníamos que hablar de cosas mas alegres que no incluyan lo 1, ni lo 2, ni los muertos.
Comentaría mas ,pero esto ya parece una carta.Cariños.Espero haya usted espantado el dolor de cabeza y venda mucho hoy .Feliz domingo.

Danny Heyen said...

I just laughed out loud at your bird story! And if it makes you feel better, I too have been poop bombed by a bird.

mel@all.wrapped.up said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the heads up for the sewmamasew giveaway, I never knew about it before and have decided to participate as well. It took me so long to figure out the time difference between Melbourne and Australia. I totally sympathise with the being pooped on story! At least you were a moving target not at fault at all - I've sat in wet bird poo before - my fault for not checking first really, never again. lol


Laurie-Jane said...

I was once shat on by a bird it hit my neck with such force I thought someone had thrown a stone at me so I yelled HEY, which only made people aware I had bird crap dripping down my neck. "It's lucky' I was told, didn't feel that way but perhaps it was as I didn't get Avian Flu from it, lucky me.

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