Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life goes on

Can you tell I'm sulking up a storm? On Thursday I brought my Canon S100 to the service center only to be told it would take at least 2 WHOLE WEEKS before I get my camera back. See, it's a new model and parts are scarce. Ha ha. I'm terribly terribly disappointed in Canon. Out of all the Canon S100 produced, I had to pick the one that crapped out. And I've discovered MOST OF THE PICS I had taken for my next ePattern have been overexposed very likely by the lens fault. I am mentally strangling the technician who made my camera. But the service center is really nice though. And the boy who served me was cute.

The thing with cameras is once you've traded up, you just can't go back to your auto camera. I took some pics today of the stuff I made with my old Casio and I almost cried. waaaaahhhh.

Oh, I finally made the 10th felt flower-flower brooch for my next craft market. Yes, life can go on now. Like make a few bags!

Here are the 7 new flower-flower felt brooches I slaved over. I'm quite exhausted from colour matching. I tried my best to edit the images and this is my best effort.

These 3 took the longest time to make due to the long petals.

 These 2 are the easiest to make as the shape doesn't have steep curves.

I might have tried a little too hard with this one. For the center, I wanted to do a Catherine wheel.

 This is what a Catherine wheel looks like. It's from Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches.

For this rose, I may have overdone the center.

I've checked out Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano from the library and it is such a great resource. I paid most attention to the straight stitches. I use a lot of straight stitches in my felt brooches and Judith really knows how to make these simple stitches interesting.

I also checked out Crazy Quilt Handbook and although it focuses on crazy quilting, it has a small section on the stitches.

I'm particularly drawn to the spider web and free-form trees stitches.

Bear has once again volunteered to model my 10 felt flower-flower brooches. I know it distressed one of you that I totally blinded Bear the last round so I've kindly left one eye unmaimed this time.

Now I have to go lie down as I'm suffering from an avalanche of headaches. We took MIL out for a Chinese banquet dinner yesterday and msg + milk are not my friends. Maybe I'll show you what we ate tomorrow? See ya.


Laurie-Jane said...

Is that before or after you ate it?

Bethany said...

Those are pretty! I love working with felt--it's a nice, easy colorful break from raw seams and all that jazz.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I had the same idea as Laurie-Jane ^ about you showing us what you ate tomorrow!

Bear sure is a glutton for punishment. Is he really volunteering or does he have no choice in the matter?

Agy said...

Love the felt flowers. Know how you feel about the msg. Chinese banquets shouldn't be so bad, it's the tze chars which you should avoid. Hubby and I ended up with bad headaches n dizziness !

Suzee said...

LOve the flowers! Looks like Bear got stuck in the sticker patch lol
Hope the headaches are gone!

Dee said...

I love the brooches! They are so sweet and should sell well... if your customers recognise quality work and lots of time spent on them.
Bear is a trooper.
Any time I eat MSG I feel sick and get a headache. As a result I tend to avoid most chinese food as it is hard to find it without MSG. It is also in lots of packaged seasonings, flavouring on chips, corn chips, mexican seasonings... i read labels carefully.

Chris H said...

The flowers are so darn cute!
AND oh bugger about your camera.

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