Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore By Election: The Gorilla Won

pic of gorilla from Zoo Animal Stories

On May 16, I wrote a post here on Singapore's by election for the tiny constituency, Hougang. Hougang had been in the hands of the opposition party "Worker's Party" for the last 20 years. A big feat for Singapore politics. It's possible Worker's Party has balls of steel because they expelled their own Member of Parliament for Hougang for bedding women other than his wife.

I was frankly unsure how the polling would turn out. Would Worker's Party lose their precious Hougang?

Well, a wise woman set me straight. She said:

Even if Worker's Party fields a gorilla for this by election, the gorilla will still win.

Apparently, this wise woman is right. The gorilla did win Hougang. Yep, our tech guy, Worker's Party's candidate Mr Png Eng Huat won 62.09% of the vote against the ruling party's 37.91%.

What are the implications of the result? One thing's for sure. Eligible members from the ruling party had better dodge fast the next time a candidate is being sought for Hougang.

Plus, for the next 4 years, all the members of parliament from Worker's Party are gonna be real faithful to their wives.


Linda said...

What is it about politics that causes people to become so immoral? Is it a feeling of power or were they like that all along and they just got caught! In the U.S. we deal with the same thing!

punkychewster said...

yay to WP!

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