Monday, May 14, 2012

I forgive


I'm not a very forgiving person. I bear a grudge or two.  I blame it on my vivid memory of details, conversations, tone of voice, clothes one wears - all forever riveted in my brain. Sometimes played over and over again, relieving those moments of awfulness.

But I want to change. I want to be a better person. So I'm starting this week fresh by forgiving.

  I forgive the crazy people I run into every morning at the jogging park. Yes, YOU - the one who jogs backwards - INTO ME. And YOU - the one who waves your arms wildly while you run past me scratching my skin with your nails.  And YOU three - the ones who insist on hogging the whole path jogging abreast. I forgive you.

  I forgive hubs who frequently flings his ear phone onto my face while he sleeps causing me to wake up in the morning in terror thinking an alien is trying to impregnate me through the mouth. And that explains why I wake up with a scream. I forgive you.

I forgive Canon for selling me a crappy expensive camera and taking so long to get it fixed. I forgive you.

  I forgive the Chinatown woman who sold me inferior iron-on interfacing after informing me that the iron-on interfacing I have been buying from her since 2009 was out of stock and will no longer be manufactured. I forgive you.

  I forgive the manufacturer that stopped making the iron-on interfacing I have been using since 2009 causing me to leave my home tomorrow in search of alternatives. I forgive you.

  I forgive the train commuters for the disgusting look they're going to give me tomorrow because after a long day searching for iron-on interfacing I will be nodding my head off on the train because trains just make me sleep. I forgive you.

  I forgive the sun for the unrelentless heat it has been spewing out for the past week. I forgive you.

I forgive myself for not being capable of making something brilliant every single week. I forgive you.

I forgive you if you find these 2 crescent bags adorable. They are.

Let's partay.....

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ask anna
skip to my lou


Bethany said...

What kind of a person jogs backwards? you should cross that one out. I wouldn't forgive them ;)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Oh dear me, I hope none of my comments have offended you in the past because anything derogative I may have said was all tongue in cheek!
Still I know you will forgive me.

mandy pan said...

I have a bale, at least 10 yards of black medium weight interfacing. If they are of any use to you, I can give half to you, oh well, 3/4. Keeping the quarter, in case I may use them.

Act crazier than those crazy people and they will fear you. Laugh loudly or gesture wildly when they are near.

Chris H said...

Funny post Jane!
Love the two bags.

Suzee said...

I don't forgive too many ppl too often.. so you are doing great! =)
With the joggers, start flapping your arms around when they pass you LOL

I love the purses!!! please forgive me!! Is that a pattern of your's? cute cute!

Lolis. said...

Ayyy! yane tenemos que renunciar a nuestros pequeños rencores?Sabe dios lo que me cuesta renunciar a los grandes rencores y del perdón yane estoy muy lejos ...
esta cuenta de google es de mi hija ,con la cual fabricamos rencores pequeños y nos reímos. como los tuyos.Cariños. Iríamos a comprar tus bolsas nos pelearíamos por ellas.

Karen said...

Always with the skulls Jane! what are you trying to do to me. I'm not sure I can forgive you ;)

punkychewster said...

So... wait. I don't understand. Are the crossed out ones the ones you have forgiven? or the ones you havent crossed out?

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