Thursday, May 24, 2012

Numb fingers

Hi people,

My fingers are a little numb today. I spent last night entering 50 giveaways. Yes, I'm talking about the Sew Mama Sew giveaways. In total I've entered in 100. Tonight if I'm not too tired, I'll enter another 100 more. As for my own little giveaway here, the entries have slowed to a trickle. To date, I have 300 entries. :)

Having visited 100 blogs, I have a few rants.

1. Why do blogs still have the word verification turned on? No one and I mean, no one on this planet Earth is able to decipher what the garbled words are. I will only give it at most 2 tries. Then I'm out. Even if I've written a brilliantly written witty comment. I'm out. It's an obstacle course I don't need. If you have your word verification turned on, I beg of you, please, please put it in a bag, tie it up tightly and bury it in a deep, deep place you'll never remember. There are other ways to keep out the spam. Speaking of which, is my word verification turned OFF? Can anyone tell me?

2. Why are giveaways which are meant only for US logged in the category meant for worldwide?
I'm like happily reading away all the goodies up for grabs and going thru' all the rules and right at the bottom of the post you see "for US only". I may have entered a few of these giveaways by accident as I type and read and click send at the same time.

3. Why are some giveaway questions so hard to answer? Like, why did the chicken cross the road? It took me a really long time to answer this one. I asked my son and he had no idea. My head almost burst from thinking. Is my question hard? What you eat for breakfast isn't hard unless you're thinking of lying about what you eat! I had 8, no, 4, no wait 2 slices of toast.

4. Some giveaways use a widget to collect the entries. The trouble is it doesn't always work. If you have received an entry from Jane P with "sd7*%#dj5a%k" for a comment, I wasn't being rude. I was just trying to get the keyboard to work. Will I still win?

 *   *   *


Hubs came home one day with these 2 gorgeous tea bags boxes. They're perfect to display my iPhone zip pouches. I made 3 more of these super easy to make gadget pouches.

Hubs brought home this weird box as well. The cover is made of cut work metal. It reminds me of the applique I used to make. I'm not quite sure what to do with this box. It's interesting but not very useful.

Tomorrow is my last sewing day for the week before my VivoCity craft market. I hope to make a few pencil cases. But will I? See you real soon.


Just Carol said...

I was out there entering all those giveaways and have to agree to all of your list of rants. There were a few I didn't enter because they wanted way too much of an answer and sometimes I didn't really know what to write. When a giveaway hop is this big, people are hurrying to hit as many as they can and we all get sick of writing an essay just to win something. Oh, my! I was ranting, too, sorry! LOL! Anyway, love those little boxes and bags--way cute!

Just Carol said...

PS. You have no Word Verification popping up to annoy anyone. :O)

Linda said...

You are so funny, but so right! I agree with everything you said!
I love the little box. Is it big enough to put one of those little "push on, push off battery operated lights" in? I can see it shining through the design and leaving a pattern on the ceiling or wall. OR mount it on the wall like a little shelf with the design facing out. You could put something pretty on top. Or just hang it on the wall or set it on a shelf as a piece of artwork. Sometimes those pretty objects don't need to function usefully to be interesting and beautiful!

Gill said...

I agree with all your rants!

Suzee said...

LOL I was just mumbling to myself the other day about those alien looking words. Someone told me that way they don't get spam. I don't have it on my blog comments and never once got spammed in the 2 years I've been doing it. I think I accidently entered one that was only for the UK.ooops But you did good! wow your odds are with you on those entries! Can't wait to see what you will win!!

Dee said...

I LOVE those tea boxes - so much that I had to remember togo back and look at the bags which are also cute. One day I might joing the ipod/iphone rvolution. but for now I will keep using my 3 year old nokia. it works and it good and my bill is around $15/month so I am not complaining.
I am a big tea fan. I should do a post on all my tea stuffs. it would be a long one. :)
I often don't even bother with offers or competitions. too much hassle. and too many of them are us only.
Your rants are soooo true. and they made me laugh.
keep writing Jane.

punkychewster said...

so cute! I love those tea boxes and you should totally collect some more to use for display purposes! and how do i find out if my blogger comment needs word verification? can you tell me when you comment on my blog, does it ask you for word verification?

good luck with the Vivo craft market! Do more of your embroidered pouches! I LOVE THEM! they're so simple but the stitching is the highlight of the pouches! You have the talent for embroidery lah!

Fran said...

I like your rant - it made me laugh. I had a lot of the same issues. Another one that bugged me were the giveaways that were listed in more than one of the categories - surely that's unfair? With the hundreds of blogs to visit they all start to blur & if I don't remember that I visited a blog from a couple of days ago & enter again, that would be counted as multiple entries for the same prize which would rule you out. I know that it can't be easy for the blogs managing the whole Giveaway Day administrative & technical stuff but that seemed wrong to me. I may have got it wrong of course, but that's how I interpreted it.

antmee said...

After entering a ton of giveaways myself and writing those essays I only have enough energy left to say I totally agree with you.

Also that I love LOVE those tea boxes. What an amazing hubby you have to grab those for you.

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