Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My last Pinterest rant, I swear

Yes, I solemnly swear. Today's post will be the last time I rant about Pinterest. Ah yes. I've only stopped posting for 1 day and already I'm bursting to tell you what's on my mind. It seems I can't simply keep things to myself anymore.

Back to my rant. Some of you may remember (some of you may want to forget) I wrote a post "Why I Deleted My Pinterest Boards." Here. You may like to know the updates. I deleted my boards on April 22nd 2012. Today is 2nd May 2012. By now Pinterest should have sufficient time to remove all remaining shreds of my images. Right?

Wrong. The spammers who repinned my images (which I've since deleted) still have my images sitting in their boards and these images still point to their dem spam sites.

Do you know why my repinned images still exist in Pinterest even though the originals have been deleted?

First, what do you think happens when someone repins your image on Pinterest? In my mind, I had the idea that I hold the key because I am the one who uploaded the original image. In that case, if I delete the original image, then all repins should no longer exist. That is how I see repinning.

Guess what? I'm wrong.

I went to Pinterest Terms of Service and suddenly I see that I had agreed to the following:

1. Pinterest and anyone can repin, MODIFY, re-arrange, distribute my images.

2. After termination of my account or deletion of my images,
a)  Pinterest will retain my images for a "commercially reasonable period of time". (what does this even mean?)
b)  Pinterest and anyone who has repinned my images can "continue to display, reproduce, re-pin, MODIFY, re-arrange, and distribute" my DELETED images.


This doesn't sound right to me!

I am no longer on Pinterest.
Pinterest is dead to me.


Little Blue Mouse said...

I don't do Pinterest, but my daughter had put something from my blog on her board and gave me the link to look at it. From there I could see that a few people had pinned different things from my blog (which they didn't ask permission for). Could spammers repin them or is it only if you have a Pinterest account?

Lolis. said...

Olvida a Pinterest Jane . El domingo pasado , único día que podemos levantarnos a cualquier hora,les lleve el desayuno a la cama a mis hijas , me senté junto a la estufa y les leí tu bloc de abril. Nos reímos de tus aventuras y tus desventuras,amamos tus camisetas de calaveras y los dibujos de tu hija.Esta de mas decirte que todas nos negamos a depilarnos las cejas .Cariños.
La cuenta de google es de de mi hija.

jane p said...

Hi Lolis's mom...

I've translated your comment using google translate.

Forget Pinterest Jane. Last Sunday, one day we can wake up at any time, bring them breakfast in bed to my daughters, I sat next to the stove and I read your scrapbook April. We laugh at your adventures and your misfortunes, we love your shirts with skulls and drawings of your hija.Esta of more to tell you all refuse to pluck their eyebrows. Give my love.
The google account is my daughter.

punkychewster said...

sorry to hear that. I'm just glad i didn't really post too many of my own images on pinterest. now i think i'm just going to surf it for images but not use or repin them (if i can help it) so scary!!!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Hi,I just read this and your original post. Dang! I did not know that about Pininterest. That's what I get for not reading the fine print closer. Thank goodness, I just got started. I like the ease and convenience for me, but I don't like people claiming others intellectual property as theirs. Thank you for the heads up!

Lydia Schiller said...

Hello there.

I have to say that exactly this is the reason why I am on pinterest. I have huge collections of inspirational material. I used to download it in an Inspiration folder, but they're already quite a few GBs. Especially if the pictures are big. Link and descriptions provided with it are also very useful.
Your wish (that repins are deleted) would serve people who use the site for their own works. But it is not made for these people. It's made for people like me whose worst nightmare is that the picture is gone just because a link has changed.

Nice greetings,

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