Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Skulls and bones niche

Ever since I wrote this post about my skulls and roses tees, I have been getting a little excited by the idea of always having some items with skulls and bones motif for sale. And I'm not talking about sometimes making one or two item if I feel like it. I'm talking about having a permanent skulls and bones niche. I'm thinking 5 items is a good figure to start with. What do you think? Will it work? Will it work? Or will I cry?

I dug out a skulls and bones beaded bag I made in 2007. Maybe the execution was not very good but I get a nice vibe from the beaded skull. No, I'm not going to go all crazy beading and embroidering. It's a lot easier to sell bags made from fabric print compared to something with embroidery.

Over the weekends at VivoCity, I chanced upon this skulls charm at one of the stalls at the craft market. Although I feel the beads are kinda in the way, overall, it's quite interesting. It's $5! This purchase has pleased me so much I want to go shopping for some skulls knick knacks to include in my pouches. A skulls zipper pull would be so cool.

My feeling is hubs will likely think it's not a good idea to have too many skulls related items for sale seeing how they're hard to sell and it's such a small market. So I won't tell him about it. Haha. shhhhh.


Karen said...

As usual I am loving the skulls!
If your husband finds out you need to tell him that you are looking for unique items as there are always people who would like something different. That is what sets you apart from the others :)

Suzee said...

Skulls are a trend here, I get orders from younger kids for skull purses, skull wallets..etc.. they would snatch yours up for sure. I like that little bag!
Skull zipper pulls would be nice little extra!

Dee said...

Cutesy skulls are popular here in Aus with teen girls (and some older women too). ;)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Go for it!

antmee said...

Love your skull and bone beaded bag you made. I think a skull and bone niche is a good idea.

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