Monday, May 7, 2012

VivoCity Craft Market 5th-6th May 2012 Post-mortem

As you know I had bought a few gadgets to display my products at craft markets and over the weekend, I had a chance to try them out.

These did not work. At all.

The pouch holder just wasn't wide enough to hold the pouches. Every time a customer touched the pouch, she couldn't put it back. Sometimes the pouches just keel over. It was such a struggle. Good thing I only bought 2. It was a waste of $10.

The brooch carousel? Hardly anyone spinned it. Most just looked at what was in view. It baffles me. $19 down the drain.

This was my table display on Saturday.

I had also bought these hanging thingy which could hang more than one bag. I really like it. I think I should get more. It's only $2.

One of the perils of selling at craft markets is encounters with crazy bitches. I'm happy to report my weekend was crazy bitch free. Good for me but sad for you guys, I'm sure! I even made new friends. An old lady behind me and the table on my right took me under their wings. I had no problem running off to get my meals or go pee.

Usually when I sell over a weekend, Saturdays give me better sales and on Sunday it's quieter. If it's over 3 days from Friday to Sunday, then Friday gives the best sales. That's what I've observed. But this time around, Saturday was really sad for me. I'm guessing it's because Saturday was a public holiday. That probably changed things up.

My table location was not bad. In fact, the fengshui was fabulous because my eyes did not water, my skin did not itch and I did not feel cold at all. The traffic was quite good. There were truckloads of overseas visitors, either Malaysians or Indonesians, very likely killing time before their ferry departs. But none of them bought from me. They would ooh and aah but after looking at the price tags, they fled for their lives. Honestly, my prices aren't high so I"m guessing their currency exchange rate is at a disadvantage.

I spent a lot of time snoozing away on Saturday. In fact, once, I fell into a deep, deep sleep and maybe you don't know this but when I sleep, my mouth is open. But not wide open. Just some. One itsy bit of my lips (the gummy part) was fastened onto one of my crazy tooth. Over time, my lips got drier and drier but that itsy bit of lip still remained fastened onto my crazy tooth. No problem. Then I woke up and moved my lips and with that action, I tore one itsy bit of my lip off. Utter shearing pain I tell you.

I am quite accident prone and how I am still alive is a big mystery to me. For dinner on Saturday I had dry ramen which is so delicious I can't even describe it. The most surly woman cooked it for me. Why do surly people cook the best food? I bought a cup of tea with sugar to go with my dry ramen and was puzzled to see only half a cup left when I reached my craft table. Then I realised the cover was not tight and I had sloshed half a cup of hot tea all over my jeans. How is it I don't feel the pain? I went to the toilet to have a look and indeed I have very thick skin. I was not maimed.

Know what else didn't work? My pocket tissue holder. Certainly they attracted a lot of attention. Many people came to point, chuckle and snigger over them. I only sold 1 on Sunday.

Speaking of which, my sales got so much better on Sunday.

On Sunday I changed my display. I decided to go against the convention and displayed everything flat on the table. Most of what I had for sale was very visual - with embroidery and illustrations. And I thought it was better if I could display them like how you would paintings. I ditched my carousel as well and displayed my brooches flat on the table. I think it worked because I sold 3 brooches and a few other stuff. Overall, my sales improved from the last craft market. So that's a good sign. Small improvements each time!

The craft market organizer gave me something (I paid $5) to display at my table. It has my photo and some bio. The photo of me in the card board thingy is quite god awful and I'm a little embarrassed to display it. But it seemed to fascinate the customers and many would stand there and read it. The men would read it and smile from time to time and then check me out. Not sure if I should feel flattered or worried.

I asked hubs for a sexy pic of me. I guess standing like a statue is sexy to me. 

Hubs said don't act cute but I couldn't resist. My fingers were itching to do a peace sign but I resisted.

*    *    *

I only had 1 not so good moment. On Saturday night, after a long crushingly defeating day, 2 ladies came to my table. Let's call them Jolly and Holy. Jolly ooh and aah over everything she saw and I could tell she was really into me.

Jolly: This is so pretty.
Holy: Not nice.
Jolly: I like this.
Holy: This one is also not nice.
Jolly: The flowers are so pretty.
Holy: No, all these are not nice. Listen to me. They are not nice at all.
Jolly: The birds are so cute!
Holy: Really, I'm telling you. All not nice.

With that, Holy dragged Jolly away.
Don't worry. I sent a few fireballs in Holy's direction.

*    *    * 

I had a few fab moments.

When I showed a customer this pouch, her face literally LIT UP and she bought it on the spot.

A customer, Cindy from my MAAD days came to VivoCity to seek me out. I was so touched.

Another customer, Christin also from my MAAD days found me too! I'm so delighted to see all these people I haven't seen for a long time.

Oh, a blog reader, Ivy (I hope I didn't get the name wrong) came by too. She only told me she enjoyed reading my blog as she was leaving. hahahaha. So sneaky ah.

Oh, say hello to my new bff. She's standing behind my signboard. She's in her 70's and taught me a thing or two about standing up for myself. And would you believe it? I spoke Mandarin thru'out the weekend because my bff can't speak English. Somehow we manage to understand each other and make each other laugh. Then we discovered we're both born in the year of the dragon! Ah.....

The other new friends I made were the table on my right owned by a deaf woman. I mean a real deaf woman not like me who could still hear. Despite her deafness, she could lip read and speak. Awesome. And she was super nice to me taking care of my table when I was away. The next time I complain about having only one good hearing ear, please do me a favour and yell at me.

It was a good weekend. Hope yours was good too. See you.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Aw, what a shame you didn't get any crazy bitches this weekend, I look forward to those little encounters! It's a good job Holly didn't hang around for too long or she might have put all your potential customers off.

I love the last smiley photo of you ( and laughed out loud at the statue one).

Forest Flame Millinery said...

I think you look slimmer....

Saturday display looks neater but then, Sunday display looks more welcoming. Whichever, as long as they sell.

Suzee said...

I thought the display stands looked so nice! But if it doesnt work just chalk it off and move on huh? =(
The dry ramen looks good! Your display table looks bright and inviting. I laughed at the pic with you smiling..(not at you!)did you look at the people in the background smiling too? Hehe Its always nice to keep fireballs handy to throw!!!!

Bethany said...

No crazy bitches? No peace sign? Arrrgghhh!!! :)
Your table looks so cute--nice and cheery and bright :)

tamdoll said...

It's nice to hear things went well! Too bad about the props, though... I thought those bag stands would be great after I read about your trip to get them.

Karen said...

I thought the display stands looked really nice! Just shows not everyone likes the same things. How rude was Holly? Jolly should have told her to shut up!
What size do your zip pouches turn out as they look fairly big?

punkychewster said...

ahahahahah LOVE YOUR POST MORTEM! I hate it when people come check out my items, prod, poke, touch and then give the not-good enough look.

but to outrightly say "All Not Nice" is a little too much lah!

btw i like the brooch carousel, i thought it smacks of professional shopping center feel! but i guess laying them out on the front edges of the table is really more visual!

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