Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A ruffled scarf

I bought this ball of yarn from Spotlight. What attracted me was the unusual spidery strands on the yarn.

I saw on the label that there was a free pattern and you only need 1 ball of yarn. Also, the idea of knitting ruffles appealed to me because I didn't think that you could knit ruffles.

Yesterday I looked at the pattern and I realised it was beyond my comprehension. It was like Klingon. Thankfully, youtube has been invented so I found a video that explained the mystery of fishnet knitting to me. Ah! It's not so hard after all.

You have to open up the yarn which will reveal the spidery webs. I was terribly unhappy that in more than 3 areas, the yarn was torn in the middle.

You knit as usual but you don't carry the yarn. Instead stick it in the needle via one of the large holes.

This is what it looks like. Just 9 casts on.    

My girl modelled for me. The scarf is a little short for me as I have an unusually long torso. Okay, so I've made a ruffled scarf. Not sure if I'm keen to make another one. It just feels like a novelty and once you've done it, you lose interest.

My ravelry here.


Bethany said...

I agree. I've made one and now I'm over it. It was pretty interesting while it lasted, though.

Laurie-Jane said...

Your daughter makes the scarf look cool. I certainly don't in mine but is was really fun to make probably because it was so quick.

Linda said...

YOur scarf is beautiful! I love the way you photographed it on your girl. It looks like a magazine ad!

tamdoll said...

Your scarf looks good! I don't wear them myself, but these decorative scarves are SO, SO popular here. To me, they look like a decoration, not sure they'd keep a person very warm. I know people that have knit dozens of these because it's satisfying to have something completed so quickly.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I agree that the last photo looks like it's from a fashion magazine!

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