Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another by-election in Singapore

You won't believe this. Singapore is having another by-election. Last year in May, we had a by-election as a opposition's MP had affairs with women and was subsequently sacked by his party, effectively stripping him of his seat in parliament. The opposition party fielded their deputy web master and he won.

In December last year, the ruling party's Punggol East seat was left vacant after the MP Michael Palmer stepped down due to him having an affair with a woman. Yes, another affair.

So the benchmark is set. Singapore MPs cannot be unfaithful to their spouses.

A by-election was called and yesterday was Nomination Day. A grand total of 4 candidates are contesting for 1 seat. 3 other interested parties who had expressed interest in contesting pulled out. <Snigger> I would have loved to see a 7-corner fight. 

These are the 4 candidates.

The first candidate is from the ruling party. Until a few days ago, no one has heard of him. He is a doctor with a very high forehead. He also looks older than his age. Up close he doesn't look so bad. But from afar, he looks at least 10 years older. It's his high forehead. But he has chances of winning because he is from the ruling party and the majority tends to vote for the ruling party. He may also lose because it's a by-election. It won't be because he has a high forehead.

The second candidate - the only female is from Worker's Party which is the only opposition party with any elected seats in parliament. The candidate ran in the last General Election for the same seat but lost to the ruling party's guy - the one who had to step down due to his affair with a woman. She lost but she had 41% of the votes. That is impressive. She has a good chance of winning. She is also her party's current deputy web master. Coincidence?

My favourite quote from her is :

I may look pregnant but I am not.

Most women don't take kindly to being told they look pregnant when they're just fat but not this chick. She sounds like a tough cookie.

The third candidate also ran in the last General Election for the same seat. Not only did he not win the seat, he lost his election deposit of $16k as well. He got a miserable 4.4% of the votes. Yes, not even 5%. Why he thinks he stands a chance this round beats me. I predict he will lose his $16k deposit. Again.

The fourth candidate I have very little knowledge about as he has never stood for election as a single candidate. Previously he stood for election as part of a team in a different ward but lost. He has only a week to make himself known to the voters. I just looked in my crystal ball and I'm very sad to say that he will lose his $16k deposit as well.

I don't like elections and by-elections. All the posturing and different parties attacking one another. It's so ugly.

Voting day is Jan 26. Stay tuned.


pennydog said...

Bwahaha you make politics actually interesting

The last guy looks like he has had glasses Photoshopped off his face or he has problems sleeping- you neglected to mention that ;)

jane p said...


The last guy looks just like his late father who was a politician as well for as long as I can remember. I guess their faces grew on me. So I did not notice the bags.

Chris H said...

I predict the girl who is NOT pregnant will win. She has a nice honest, open looking face.

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