Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Needle with no eye

I have been busy spring cleaning my home and it's taking me forever to sort through what to throw, what to keep and the endless vacuuming, wiping and discovery of forgotten items. I found a new use for hubs' tray which he snitched from his mom. It's my beading tray from now on. I put a piece of felt over the surface when I'm beading.

I found my beading supplies from when I learnt beadweaving. They were abandoned in one of the drawers.

Very foolishly, I jumped in and started a new spiral necklace. I have not bothered to improve my knowledge of beadweaving techniques. That is why a spiral necklace is all I know. Amazingly I still know all the moves. I hope this won't become a UFO because I'm still in the middle of spring cleaning. This is quite a conservative necklace. I could add interesting beads on the outside but I wasn't sure how many beads I needed so I decided to play safe. The worst thing about beading is that you run out of beads and of course you will never be able to find the exact same size and colour and manufacturer.

For this new necklace, I used a Fireline thread which is very strong and impossible to thread through regular beading needles. I had used Fireline thread once before and I ended up breaking all my beading needles because the eye of the needle was too small. So that was a complete waste of money. I went to get big eye needles and was really annoyed when I opened the package at home. Apparently, the manufacturer had made a mistake. The needles had no eyes. I threw the needles away. The next time I was at a beading shop, a different one this time, I checked out the big eye needles again. I was puzzled that the needles had no eyes as well. I decided to ask the shop assistant and she told me I had to use a needle to open the eye!

It seems this kind of needle is different from the conventional needle. Both ends are pointed and the eyes are in between. So amazing. I wish I hadn't thrown the "defective" needles away. What a clever invention. But of course this needle wouldn't work on fabric. Now back to my cleaning!


Laurie-Jane said...

I like how easily distracted you are while you are cleaning. I'm like that I just end up rolling around in my craft supplies stroking and rearranging my scrapbook and sewing stash.

Suzee said...

You are having fun extending your craft projects ! I loved the little scarfs on last post! I would love to learn to knit.. but I'm good at getting what I do know how to do finished!

SIL said...

I bought the tray!! ^^ It is from Leeds, England. I got in 1999, it looked so... quintessentially English. :D

Chris H said...

I have never seen a needle like that! Bet you felt bad having thrown away the first ones.

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