Friday, January 4, 2013

Jersey Boys

Yesterday hubs took me out on a very expensive date. We went to see Jersey Boys at Marina Bay Sands.

Just in case I didn't know it was a real date, hubs splurged on ice-cream before the show.

The money spent on the tickets could have bought me a year's supply of fabric! But I enjoyed it very much. And I was a little worried I would not enjoy it because many years ago when we were dating, hubs took me to see a musical and halfway through I fell asleep. Not the vague kind of sleep but a deep, deep sleep. I think I even drooled a little. Since then, I've had a phobia of musicals.

Jersey Boys is a different kind of musical. Hubs call it a jukebox musical. I thought it meant the music came from a jukebox. It just means the musical uses songs from a specific band. In this case, the songs are from The 4 Seasons. Thankfully, the Jersey Boys has dialogue as well. I think a musical without any dialogue is a little weird for me.

no photo taking allowed during the performance

If you've never heard of Jersey Boys, let me tell you a little about it.

Or you could check out the trailer.

It tells the story of the rise and breakup of The 4 Seasons. The story is told from the perspective of each member in 4 seasons - you know, Spring (Tommy DeVito), Summer (Bob Gaudio), Fall (Nick Massi) and Winter (Frankie Valli). So clever right? I like Summer and Winter best as I knew all the songs. I only knew some of the songs in Spring and Fall. And the opening and ending songs? I totally had never heard of them before.

if you are capable of going to a cinema or theater and not take a photo of yourself with your phone, i salute you.

After the show ended I had 1 song playing in my head - Sherry. However I think I like to watch Walk Like A Man more. Walk Like A Man is visually more arresting as I really dig the way the singers danced when they sang - how do I describe it? It's like a shoulder shrugging with some leg movement done in unison.

The only thing that spoiled my enjoyment of the show is the couple of guys behind us. They came in a huge group, talking extremely loudly at the beginning - just in case no one could tell how uncouth they all were. Both guys behind us kept kicking at our seats. I turned to glare at my kicker a few times but he just looked stonily at me. I'm familiar with this tactic. It's called Act Blur. Finally I discovered that if I put my huge bag between me and the back of my seat, I didn't feel the kicks so much. And the guy behind hubs kept on coughing. Cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough. Freaking non-stop like a million times. I fantasized lunging at him and hitting him over the head with my umbrella. Over and over and over. Psst.. the cough medicine's been invented you big goon!

If you have money to burn, you should see this musical. Just try not to sit in front of the kickers and coughers.


Carol & Eddy said...

There's nothing like live 'musicals'. I love them, too. Wow a good, expensive date is a great way to start the year. Never mind, you'll find other ways to buy the equivalent for fabrics :-) oh, I once went to one of these live thingis n fells asleep, too. Now, I know what shows to avoid.

Linda said...

I just love your humorous style!!! I can totally relate to sitting in front of the kickers and coughers. Even worse is sitting near the chain smokers who reek of the quick smoke they had in the car before entering a "non smoking area". (I become the cougher then!) I haven't seen this show, but it certainly looks like something I would enjoy. We see lots of movies, but big shows are few and far between. What a wonderful date!

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