Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paper Fold It

During my Christmas craft market, I was asked many times if I provided gift wrapping. The thing is I already knew that during Christmas, many of my items are bought as gifts. Yet I was once again unprepared and forgot to look into having some gift wrapping supplies on hand.


Anyway, I was at the library a few days ago and I saw this book Paper Fold It by Steve and Megumi Biddle. I took a peek and saw a few projects which could serve as a gift box for my brooches. I usually sell my brooch attached to a piece of card stock. Now that's fine if the customer buys it for herself. But if she wants to gift it, I thought it would be nice to provide a gift box, something that doesn't cost too much. Also, if I were making them myself, they had to be easy to make because for some reason which escapes me, I am just terrible at paper crafts. Hubs is a genius when it comes to paper folding.

This is supposed to look like the sachet on the cover of the book. But I used a craft paper that had the same colour on both sides.

This is another project I tried. The image above is taken off the book. (bet you could tell)

This is what I made. I made the one in green and son did the one in red. I used very thin paper so I'm not sure if this is the best option. If I could get thin but stiff paper, they'll work better.

Oh, you know what's another use for these square boxes? Hubs has an aunt who uses magazine pages to make these boxes, maybe twice the size of mine. She uses these during meals to keep food scraps! My MIL has these as well so it's quite strange during meals to have your own little paper box to keep your bones and stuff you don't want to put in your mouth. Chinese dishes, particularly the meat dishes, aren't always in bite size. So after you're done gnawing away at the chicken/fish/pork, you drop the bone remnants into the box. At my home, we just leave them on our plates.

There are a few other projects I want to try from the book but first, I'd like to get nicer papers. Will need to make a trip to the Paper Market. (it's a very dangerous place in case you haven't been - sure to come out poorer)

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UK Amazon

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Suzee said...

Very nice! My son's loved doing the origami paper folding. I still have things they made for me and one is a box like shown here.
Good luck at the Paper Market! That is one place I would love to go to!

Laura said...

A paper market does sound super dangerous. I've only done some super simple origami envelopes and butterflies but it is quite addictive!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Ha ha, when you said the paper market was a dangerous place, I thought it was because you may get cut! Paper cuts are very painful you know.

Linda said...

How pretty! The little sachet looks pretty enough to buy! You should offer it at a small price. The little boxes are also pretty. I've never heard of using them for food scraps. I pull out the zip-loc bags at my house. The little boxes are such a sweet little idea!

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