Thursday, January 24, 2013

My sewing space

I finally managed to get my sewing area clean and tidy. Now it's so tidy I can't bear to use it!

I keep the bare essentials on the table (it's Ikea). Everything I need to sew are in the little drawers and the scissors are in the black basket. I'm kind of a messy sewer so sooner or later, the table space gets piled up with this and that. I've put away everything else and I'm going to have a really hard time once I start sewing because I will spend a lot of time searching for this and that.

My Melly and Bear gets to sit near me.

I use a lot of pins when I sew. This big ass pin cushion does the job. It's a Chinese pin cushion which is a common feature in homes maybe in the 70's. Now, most homes won't even have a pin cushion.

I also have these 2 Chinese dolls containers. They're absolutely useless and are dust magnets. I have to find better use for them. Maybe to keep all the ear phones?

This year I hope to stop collecting containers as my home is so cluttered. Seriously, I don't need another container. The spring cleaning is still on-going but the vacuuming has come to a halt temporarily. I may be responsible. I opened up the vacuum cleaner to wash the sponge (a Dyson feature) and due to my negligence or Dyson's feature, the sponge disintegrated. Today I stupidly went out to look for a replacement sponge and after going to two stores, I was told to call a hotline. After ringing the hotline, I was told to go to a specific address to buy it. I feel so silly not to have thought of ringing up the hotline. What a waste of a couple of hours.

I should be starting my sewing soon. I haven't really felt like sewing anything this month. It's been great, relaxing and doing other crafts. But it's my bags that bring in the money. So I better get cracking. But first let me complete a couple of beading projects. It's so addictive!


Chris H said...

I can't get over how tidy your sewing area is!!!
And I love the pin cushion, so cute.

Linda said...

Wow! I'd be so ashamed for you to see my sewing room right now! (I don't even want my HUSBAND to see it! I keep the door closed!) I need to start cleaning if I can ever catch up on the work I have to get done! Your space looks so neat and tidy!

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a tidy work area, I don't think I could ever get mine like that.

I love the cute little teddy in the rocking chair!

By the way does Bear know that you've put a flower on his head?

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