Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking For Mr. Amazing Gyoza

I am not the kind of person who would move heaven and earth to get good food. This year something changed in me. Is it because this is the year of eating dangerously?

Last week I read in The New Paper a food review on gyozas. Here is the article. Gyozas are pan fried meat dumplings. There are deep fried meat dumplings but I don't know if you call them gyozas. Now I have been a fan of gyozas for many years but I am very fussy about the quality of gyozas. I have not tasted good gyozas for many years now and in fact stopped trying to look for good ones.

The article got me excited again. However, the reviewer did not say the gyozas were amazing. He wrote:

The gyoza at Osaka Ohsho is good, but not amazing.

It was the fuwatoro tenshin han, an egg dish that wowed him.

I reined in my excitement but hubs said we should go try it as we were going to be near one of the restaurants anyway. In my mind I was thinking that a restaurant that specializes in gyoza can't possibly get it wrong.

As we entered the restaurant, I still couldn't believe I was brought there by the strength of a newspaper food review. The restaurant - well, it's almost like a food-court as it's not in an enclosed room was quite empty when we arrived. There were many service crew standing around. Our waitress turned out to not really understand English. I requested for our oily table to be cleaned but she clearly did not understand as she did nothing about it. Hubs finally cleaned it himself.

I ordered the fuwatoro tenshin han set which came with 6 pieces of gyoza. The drinks selection was quite small. I wisely ordered mugroot which is really rootbeer. Hubs asked for a $1 drink which turned out to taste like ash in water. Still he drank it.

I discovered that there was rice hidden below the giant egg. Then I realised my non-English understanding waitress forgot about my gyoza. Finally it came.

The one thing wrong about the gyozas? The stupid skin kept coming apart. So you either eat the meat and skin separately which is insane or you wrap the skin back and eat it in one mouthful. I don't know what makes the gyoza not good. Is it the skin? Is it the filling? I honestly didn't care. Hubs said they were ok and we probably got a bad batch.

The giant egg thing? It was not bad but there was too much egg. I think a quarter of it is sufficient for any human being. Anyhoos, it didn't matter as I'm never eating there again.

* * * * *

It's only the second week of 2013 and already I've eaten more unhealthy food than I usually would. But why does unhealthy food taste so good?

This is satay. I always get one rice cake as I can't imagine eating satay without the rice cake. This one's from 313 Somerset Food Republic. It's a good deal. The food is not amazing but it's not bad. I've noticed that the best satay I've ever had came from stalls located at really dirty food courts. Why is that?

I'm not a oyster omelette fanatic. Most of what I've had in the past was very starchy. Like globs of starch mixed with the egg. Super gross. This oyster omelette is from 313 Somerset Food Republic. It has very little starch and it's crispy. I shall declare this the best oyster omelette I've ever had.

We were at Plaza Singapura and we saw a cluster of Japanese restaurants which we had never noticed before. My kids aren't keen on Japanese food but we decided to try it anyway. Everyone found something they wanted to try but I was pathetic as I couldn't make up my mind. So I finally ordered this: soft shelled crab tempura. And it was my dinner. It's not too bad. Just very oily. Since I did not get any headaches afterwards I have no hard feelings.

On one of the days at VivoCity during the Christmas craft market, I had Texas chicken and maybe I was very hungry. It tasted like heaven. Since then my craving for Texas chicken has visited me now and then. On Tuesday we were planning on going to VivoCity and of course my craving went off the roof. I ordered the 2 piece chicken meal that comes with muffin (they call it biscuit) and mashed potatoes. Hubs said he's had his fill of Texas Chicken.

I usually don't eat pasta. My kids love pasta. This is grilled seafood aglio from a foodcourt near my home. It's oily and oily and oily. I would totally avoid it but this year, I've already had it twice. I really wonder what's up with my taste buds. Thankfully something happened the second time I ate it. I was asked if I wanted any chilli and I said a little. The cashier went and called out the order to the cook and after he said "a little chilli", I heard the cook utter some vulgar words in response. Very unprofessional. I told hubs and he said he would never ask for a little chilli as it made the cook's job harder. Anyway, it killed my desire for any further grilled seafood aglio. Think of all the weight I'm not gaining.


MandyPan said...

Maybe it's age, I don't crave for such foods anymore. Wait...aren't we the same age since we are both dragons?

punkychewster said...

I love aglio olio. J makes the best pasta - oily, spicy and shiok! I've also learnt to like pasta over the years. Now i eat pasta for dinner at least three times a week just because it's so easy to prepare!

Ely said...

I go through cycles where I can't find anything to satisfy whatever it is that I want to eat, except I'm never exactly sure what that thing is...

Kate R said...

Mmmm! I love some good gyoza. I ended up trying a few recipes to find one that works well. Tokyo had quite a few good places to get them but not so easy now I'm in Sydney...

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