Friday, November 16, 2012

10 things you should know

1. Any food offered to you with a "this is good for you" is sure to taste horrible.

2. Whenever someone starts a sentence with "No offense but..." you know you're going to get pretty offended. Same goes for "Nothing personal but..." Yes, it will be very personal.

3. The person who says "I don't mean to pry..." means to pry. Very much.

4. The person who says "I'm not trying to be mean..." is being mean. Very mean.

5. When you hear yourself saying "I hope I'm not boring you...", yes, you are.

6. If you say "It's for your own good" to your teenager kid, it's bound to end very badly.

7. When anyone says to you "I hope you are happy now" or "Are you happy now?" you know the person really wants you to be miserable.

8. Never tell a bad mother she's a bad mother. Especially if you're her kid.

9. Never tell a horrible kid he's/she's a horrible kid. Especially if you're his/her mom.

10. Anytime someone says "I'm not a racist but..." is sure to say something very racist.


Chris H said...

Wow... so bloody true!!!
I am going to copy and paste that at some point.. I hope you don't mind.

Laurie-Jane said...

If your friend tells you their other friends secret you can be sure they will tell someone else yours.

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