Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Least Emotional Country In The World

Dear readers,

I have a very important announcement to make. A poll by research and analytics firm Gallup has unearthed this very astounding and earth-shattering fact about Singaporeans. That we are the LEAST EMOTIONAL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Go here and have a look.

Readers from Georgia (the country), Lithuania, Russia, Madagascar (hey, this is a real country!), Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nepal and Kyrgyzstan (not to be mistaken for Kazakhstan) you can stop smirking because your countries are very close behind Singapore in the emotion-deficit.

Residents were polled with such questions:
1. Did you feel well-rested yesterday?
Hmm... Let me see. I'm sewing frantically for my Christmas craft market which I have to because otherwise I will lose the rent money. So, no. I did not feel well-rested yesterday.

2. Were you treated with respect all day yesterday?
I live with 2 teenagers who are also my biological children. I don't think so.

3. Did you laugh or smile a lot yesterday?
I live with 2 teenagers who are also my biological children. Next question!

4. Did you learn or do something interesting yesterday?
Yes, yesterday I learnt that if I eat food that I cook myself I feel very hungry the whole day. I feel hungry even when I'm asleep.

5. Did you experience the following feelings during a lot of the day yesterday? How about (enjoyment, physical pain, worry, sadness, stress, anger?)
I enjoy sewing but constantly sewing is a real pain. Also I worry I took the wrong babies home from the hospital. This led to stress and anger.

I noticed Singaporeans were unemotional but I had no idea we were the least emotional! Wow! Did any of you guys notice my lack of emotions?

Like a true unemotional Singaporean, I shall embrace The Least Emotional Country In The World title and from now on, I shall show as little emotion as possible. We don't want to lose the title to Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nepal or Kyrgyzstan!


Linda said...

Your posts always make me smile! (I guess I'm from a very emotional country or something.) These polls crack me up. They can use them to prove anything they want to prove by manipulating the questions. My husband teases also about statistics. He says, "89.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot." (Fill in your own percentage number there!)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Are you sure you're a Singaporean?

Dee said...

I can't vouch for your emotion or lack there-of but I can state categorically that you are funny! I love how you don't take yourself or life too seriously.
I do miss you and your funny comments on my little blog, please visit again.

Susana said...

Con su comentario usted esta arruinando la encuesta Jane.
Debe agregar un numero mas a las 10 cosas que debemos saber: no responder con las emociones .
Yo no estaría tan ofendida . Quizás Singapur aprendió algo difícil.
ja ja .Cariños.

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