Thursday, November 8, 2012

Starry starry bag

Starry, starry bag
Why did I pick this scary green?
Yes I remember now
There was a 50% discount

This is a great size for a shopping bag. Not my best effort honestly. Many things wrong with the colour, IMO. I think the green is too green. It needs a bit of yellow in it. Both my kids like it. My girl says it's cute! I would wave the cutest pouch in front of her and she'll go,'s okay. But this one she yelled out: it's cute!

I ran out of green polka dots. I think I've used up 10 yards worth since June which is not too bad really. So I had to use my "save-for-a-rainy-day" stripes. I swear these stripes aren't pajamas stripes.

I have only a little of the green stars fabric left. It's cotton drill by the way. I think I bought only 3/4 yards as that was all that's left and the shopkeeper said she'll give me 50% off if I buy it and you know me. I'm willing to buy scraps.

I shall devote the rest of today to making something out of the scraps. Hope I don't take a nap. Been sleeping too much lately. Dem thunderstorms make it so cosy to sleep during the day. Yawn....

only 38 out of 74 projects completed. %$%%$#@?+#!


Anonymous said...

You're half way there! Well done...achieved much more than I have this week! I love the green bag - very cute. Probably a little too bright for me but really nice for someone a little younger and/or rocks bright colours a lot!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Well I love it - that green is a happy green and one of my favourites! Super looking bag :)

punkychewster said...

err, i bag to disagree *chuckles*

i love the green!! and to pair it off with the stripes on the inside, that's totally something i would rock out.

By Night said...

How can you not like that fabric! I am madly in love with it and suddenly whish I was the one that found it ;-)

Linda said...

I've been making little coin purses. You might want to try that to go along with your purses. They're so easy and take only small scraps to make.

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