Saturday, November 10, 2012

The remains of the starry starry fabric

Ha ha. It's confirmed then. You guys like the starry starry bag. Actually, I should start the post with hic hic because I've been hiccuping since I woke up this morning. It's not the horrific kind where your body gets jerked about. Just the little annoying ones that won't stop. I don't know why I think this way but somehow I feel my hiccuping is a result of something I did or did not do. Like did I not breathe correctly? Was it something I ate last night? Just tell me so I could go do it and stop the hic hic.

I did not have much of the starry starry green fabric and this is a young colour so I made my slouchy crossbody bag. This bag gobbles up a lot of fabric. And this time I'm absolutely sure I used the canvas handle because there wasn't enough fabric.

Come take a look at my inside.

I'm quietly building up my stock of lunchtime pouches. So glad I could squeeze this one in. I hope to have a total of 20 by 15th December. Is it possible?

There's a few tiny bits of this fabric left. I have decided to bury them in the bomb shelter. Oh by the way, thanks to everyone who commented on my starry starry bag post. You know I am so blinded by my bias for yellow-green, green-yellow that it's good to know what colours other people like. After all, I am a business woman (ahem, hic hic) and I must cater (sometimes) to what customers want.

* * *

Is it possible to sew every day? Yesterday I decided it was a day off for me. Hubs was off and we all went out shopping. And I'm considering it my exercise for the week. We walked for hours and hours. I'm a little disappointed the Christmas decorations aren't out in full force yet. I had wanted to take pics of the trees but I only saw 1. In one shopping center (Suntec City), I saw many shops were closed for a revamp. What a crazy time to not be open for business eh?

* * *

Sometime this year I kind of became a little self-conscious that I was perhaps sharing a little too much of myself on this blog. When you do that, you attract the crazies. I decided I would try to pick thru' the pile and just share the more interesting ones. The one about my eyes was one of those that should have been buried. But never mind. Since it's unfinished business, I've decided to do one last update on my eyes. It's pretty much confirmed. I have oily eyelids and the only way to maintain them is to use this gel to wipe the lids twice a day. Before that I have to massage the lids to push out the oil. This is a condition I will have to live with until the day I die. Other than irritation and some pain, it won't do anything else to me. Like it's not fatal or anything. Yep, I bagged another incurable condition.

* * *

Oh, a few days ago, my Tai Chi instructor called me to tell me not to show up for class next week as it was a public holiday. She also chided me for being absent twice. Want to know what a chickenshit I was? I just laughed and did not tell her I had quit.

* * *
Lastly, I wish to declare I am the last person to join Instagram. It seems nowadays anyone who joins Instagram thinks she's the last person. But I'm pretty sure I'm the last one. Hey, wait a minute. My hiccups are gone! I cured it with a cup of tea. I knew drinking tea would come in useful one day. Anyhoos, how I came about joining Instagram is hubs got himself a new phone and so his iPhone4 was up for grabs. Ever since I've learnt to use the iPhone4, I've suddenly found myself whipping out my phone camera every time I wanted to remember something. See? It's a learned behaviour. My id is projectsbyjane if you want to look at my pics. My phone only works on wifi though. :(

p.s. i have a instagram feed on my facebook page as well. It's below the cover photo, next to my etsy shop. Here.

Have a lovely weekend. I'm devoting it to making shopping bags and cooking curry chicken.

40 out of 74 projects completed. (34 more to go)


Suzee Neal said...

I love the starry star bags!!! But then I love green = )
In the last post before this one the first star bag.. is that a bag pattern of yours?? I do like that one!
also you are not the last one to join Instagram.. as I have not yet.. but probably won't..I have too many places I've joined already.. =/
you are doing great on your quota of bags!!!

Laurie-Jane said...

For future reference take a teaspoon of vinegar to cure your hiccups works everytime. I like green it's fresh and it's easy to match with other shades of green, unlike blue. I shall follow you on instagram although I don't think I'm a crazy just a bit in love with Singapore.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm loving your green bags, but then I love green anyway, along with blue and purple.

I'm sure it won't surprise you to learn that I don't even know what Instagram is, never mind joining it!

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