Monday, November 5, 2012

2 striped slouchy bags

I completed 2 slouchy crossbody bags over the weekend. Yay! Meanwhile, this morning I managed to wake up at 6am so son wasn't late for school and his very important exams. He "studied" for it by playing Heroes VI all weekend. He has had 2 trial runs of this Chemistry practical in school and having gotten full marks, convinced himself he needed no further studying and left all his notes in school. Oh, it was so cold waking up this morning. Of course I mean Singapore cold and not say, Helsinki cold. I don't know why I said Helsinki cold as I've never been to Helsinki but it sounds just about right. Please correct me if I'm wrong about Helsinki cold.

As I was saying, it's really cruel to wake up an hour before sunrise, cold and shivering when you live in a hot country, so close to the Equator. What's up with the rain gods anyway? It's been raining and raining and raining. I'm just glad I'm not a street vendor or a construction worker.

So, awful as the weather is - all dark and gloomy, I decided to go ahead and take pics of my 2 bags. Canon S100 is a pretty good camera. Just a small glimpse of light and I managed to take my pics. Of course for close ups, you will have to jack up the ISO's.

My girl said I should have made the handle with the red and white fabric. Yes, I totally agree with her but I did not have the silver coloured metal thingys needed for the adjustable handle and somehow I did not like the idea of using the brass ones? I forget if the real reason was I was too lazy to sew the handles? Sometimes my laziness get the best of me and I make up reasons (afterwards) to cover my ass. Still I think this baby will sell.

This is absolutely my very last blue/white striped crossbody bag. I have none of the fabric left - well at least not enough to make the bag. It's a large bag and gobbles up the fabric. This fabric is no longer available so I feel a little sad I did not hoard it. I once fantasized gifting myself a bag in this fabric - maybe this one even. I know when I take the train carrying this bag, I will get enormous number of looks (from a certain age group) and I know these women will be dying to know where I bought my bag. If this bag doesn't sell, maybe I will make my fantasy come true.

It might sound strange to you that I couldn't just give myself the bag but as a business woman (ahem), I can't simply gift myself every bag I like and I like so many of my bags. I must always put business above self. But don't worry. I have enough bags already to last me a lifetime. (it's never enough, is it?)

When I make these big slouchy bags, I like to use these big-assed brass (antique?) magnetic snaps. What I love about these is they don't require a superhuman amount of strength to pry apart. These snaps are expensive though. I get a 20% discount but only when I buy a lot. Oh, you caught me. I really wanted an excuse to show you the rose polka dotted interior.

Hubs bought me this sewing kit as a joke present a few months ago. I almost fainted when I thought this was a real present. It turned out to be a decoy. (ha ha weak laugh) I use the thread for basting because they are extremely weak thread. The needles are alright. The measuring tape I have yet to check for accuracy. The plastic cap is someone's joke of a thimble. It's supposed to protect your finger, not hurt you! The pair of scissors? I decided to use it this morning and guess what? It doesn't cut at all. In fact I think it's a toy scissors. Now why would anyone include a toy scissors in a sewing kit?

I had some of the blue and white fabric remnants turned into a few small pouches. Actually I'm in the middle of sewing them. Will show you in the next post. Meanwhile, will wait for the sun to come out. Will definitely burst into a song and dance when it does.

Partay: Sew Many Ways

32 out of 74 projects completed.


Linda said...

You're getting there!
I love the striped bags! You're right, you should have hoarded that fabric! (I love the red best.)

Bethany said...

I love polka dot linings! If you needed to use mag snaps as a decoy to show us that's fine by me ;)

regina said...

me love the bags! I'm looking for striped fabric as yours but still haven't found it here:(

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