Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have lunchtime pouches coming out of my nostrils


Have I told you guys how hard my work is?

I have to do a lot of fabric shopping. It's not an easy job. So many choices, so many designers, so many colours, so many different textures to choose from. It's difficult work. Not many can do it.

On top of stroking the fabric to ensure the best quality is bought, I have to sometimes roll around in them, just to soften them up.

Every day I have to make tough decisions regarding sales. Yes, I'm talking about all the constant sales the fabric shops are having. Especially the year end ones. It's crazy. Recently Spoonflower had a worldwide shipping day. I mean, what the hell is that, right? I have enough problems finding time to attend all the sales in Singapore. One week I received a 30% discount. Right after that, the same shop sent a 40% discount card. And what's up with the pre-Christmas, Christmas and renovation sale? Yep, one tough decision after another.

Buying the fabric is the easy part compared to working with the fabric.

Take the patchwork lunchtime pouches I had to deal with recently. They were such a pain to work with. All the fabric I have insisted on auditioning for spots. I had to decide who's in and who's out. It got really tiring gazing at all the eager prints.

Like I said, it wasn't easy but it had to be done. I finally decided on the final 25 prints. Not all the prints got along. So once again, I had to be the matured one and paired the agreeable ones together.

Even so, sometimes the bickering got bad and I let them fight it out.

Next I had to decide on the lining. Riley Blake, Michael Miller and even Amy Butler came calling. The Japanese fabric passed. They preferred to be the main fabric! Sniff. I'm not sure I like their attitude.

After much careful thinking, I decided to eeny meeny miny moe.

Keeping the pouches entertained when it was work-in-progress took up most of my time.

Honestly, they're acted like princesses. Me! Me! Me! Always.

Finally they're completed. All 10 princesses. Each one is one of a freaking kind. (OOAFK) Can't wait to sell them so I never have to look at them again. And guess who decided to join the party? A much neglected Bear. I think he had a bit too much fun.

Thought I'll show the pouch bottoms. (It was Bear's idea)

Bear proved to be difficult when it came time to put away the pouches. He refused to do the carrying. This is his "Who me?" look.

Bear doing his SULK.

Did I mention how hard my work is?

Oh, I made a few non-patchwork lunchtime pouches as well. So I have a grand total of 20.

Go to if you want a closer look at the pouches.

p.s. if you want to make your own lunchtime pouches, you can. my pattern available here (without the patchwork instructions - just sew a few pieces of fabric together duh):
Etsy via email
Craftsy via instant download.

73 out of 74 projects completed. (1 more to go baby)


By Night said...

I just lve the way you tell stories and how ironical you can be ;-) thank you for the smile! and congrats on the pouches. they're all pretty pretty ;-)

Anna said...

I have just discovered spoonflower. It's amazing the range of fabric designs available on their website.

Suzee Neal said...

Do you laugh as you are taking photos? lol
I totally LOVE the patchwork bags!!!

Linda said...

These are adorable, as is your post! They all look so cute lined up, that will really bring people to your booth!

Bethany said...

I dig how Bear is mooning the camera :)
Seriously--people just don't know how hard it is when you have to work with fabric...thanks for sharing the gory details :)

Laura said...

Yay you are almost finished!! Well done!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Only one more to go? Crikey you've notched those up all of a sudden; what is the last one going to be I wonder?
It's nice to see Bear putting in an appearance (but perhaps not the bear behind)!

I didn't imagine you had enny meeny miny moe in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Wow one talented lady you are.I really enjoy your Blog.

Southgirl. x

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