Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So, did you take the right baby home?


If you have at one point in your life given birth in Singapore at KK Hospital, you need to do the following:

1. Have a large cup of tea/coffee/vodka/whatever.

2. Carefully examine the features of your child. Check if child resembles you or your husband. Do take care when examining closely the features of any child age above 12. They may scream at you.

3. If you have doubts the child you have raised is yours, please sit down and have another cup of tea/coffee/vodka/whatever.

Here's what happened. In today's newspapers, KK hospital revealed it had SCREWED UP. Two families were given wrong babies. On Sunday morning, a new mother checked out of the hospital with the wrong baby. She had no idea because as you know, all newborns look alike. Five hours later, the first baby's real mother checked out of the hospital with the first woman's baby. She too had no idea because as you know, all newborns look alike. This second woman was more alert though. When she reached home, she saw that the id tags around both ankles did not both have her name. One had her name and the other had the real mother's name. I think this woman deserves an award. Let's give her The Most Alert Mother award. If she had thrown away both tags instead of checking them, it would have been a very sad story.


KK Hospital's CEO said the error was the first time ever and it'll be the last. Because he said it was the first time the error had occurred, I'm going to believe him because he is the CEO. However, he failed to say errors could have occurred without anyone discovering them. So, to all the mothers of the 1.4 million babies delivered since 1858 at KK hospital, if you like your child/children, do nothing. If you don't like your child/children (especially if they are hooligans, gangsters or went to jail or are mean to you), get a DNA test. Okay, I'm kidding about the DNA test. Just have another cup of tea/coffee/vodka/whatever. You'll live.

p.s. I did not give birth at KK hospital but I will have the cup of tea/coffee/vodka/whatever anyway.


Linda said...

Ha! Ha! You are so funny! This could be an excuse for all those mothers with 15 year old boys! (I do remember that particular age. It was when my IQ dropped by about 90 points over night, at least in their eyes! I would have gladly given my boys away! Not really. They matured very nicely around age 26!)

Laurie-Jane said...

I didn't give birth at that hospital either may I still take that big cup of vodka?

punkychewster said...


(lapse of 2 minutes)

On closer inspection, my sisters and I all have the same smile, almost same faces. I believe we're safe.

Suzee Neal said...

You crack me up lol

Gingini said...

Thank you again for the big smile on my face. I'll start my work happy. :)

Chris H said...

Rather good to know they realised the mix up quickly!
Imagine how they would have felt if it was found months later!
It does happen.
Luckily all mine stayed with me and never left my sight while I was in hospital.
Actually...it's a crying shame someone didn't switch my first born for another! She's nasty. lol I wish I could say I was joking.

Bad, bad mother I am indeed! But hell.. after raising her and so on for 33 years now... I wish she wasn't mine.

On a happier note, the other 5 are OK.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... I m very Puzzled!!! How does the baby B goes to parent A when both his tag is Parent B (blue)????!!!The nurse realised her mistake n gave the left over baby B to parent A??????

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