Monday, June 14, 2010

How Do You Cure A Broken Heart?

How do you cure a broken heart? I know, I know. My heart is not really broken from Iluma's Art Market. Just a little bruised. Still, I wanted to mend it and I went shopping! It's really nice to have the Great Singapore Sale when you need it.
This is my new luggage. I bought the largest, sturdiest and cheapest luggage money could buy. It has 4 wheels. I'm so spoilt by the 4 wheels now. I can no longer go back to 2 wheels. Do you know there are luggage with 6 wheels? Those are the Ferrari of luggage. Me hubs was willing to splurge on Samsonite just in case another taxi drives itself into my luggage again. But I was thinking the money saved could be used to splurge on more important stuff like birthday presents for moi. The colour of my luggage is a kind of green you see on outdoor canvas. The Singapore sun is very shy today so all my photos look grey. I was really eyeing the fire engine RED but since I take the train with the luggage, I don't want to scream SEARCH ME. So outdoor canvas green it is. I do wonder if commuters get their luggage searched when they take the train(subway) in other countries?

I daringly took my kids to shop for presents for Dad. Do you have kids in the same age group as mine? 11 and 13 and really just wanna stay home all day playing games? Taking them to shop for gifts is a task me hubs and I dread. The smartest thing I did was to tell them they have to pay for the gifts with their savings. That got them really careful about what they wanted to buy. I hope Dad likes the gifts.

I haven't made any bags this week. Last week I made 2 more which I haven't posted.
This one's my overbanded pleated skirt-like shoulder bag. I think this is the perfect size.
Another cotton drill 2 colour shoulder bag with rabbit applique. I'm afraid I'm so in love with this running rabbit bag that I'm gonna have to keep making them from time to time. The texture of the cotton drill is so seductive! For the handles I used black cotton canvas. I made a little effort for the lining too using 2 colours. The top is cotton drill and the rest of it is quilt cotton.

TTFN and have a great day.


Mandy said...

I like the red bag with rabbits. GSS is wonderful, I have a few good day of shopping before I left for London. Here, I only allow myself to spend a max. of 50 pound a day. It seems a lot in Singapore but in London, whoosh...your money is gone in a jiffy!

Tiba said...

Gorgeous red bag with the cutie rabbit.
Is this for July MAAD? tiba

jane p said...

Mandy, good to know you're safe and sound. Hope to see you in July!

jane p said...

Tiba, how nice to see you here. The red rabbit bag is currently for sale. If it's still available 1st weekend of July, I will display it at red dot.

Dee said...

oh that red rabbit bag is soooo cute. i like the blue one but i like the red even more.
taking kids that age shopping is always a challenge... unless there is someinthing in it for them. sigh. clever strategy though. ;)

tamdoll said...

You tried to take your kids shopping for someone other than themselves????

I took my girls shopping for some summer clothes and detoured to the men's department - held up 2 shirts and asked them "which one?". Made my day much simpler.

Samantha said...

I love your rabbit bags, do you sell a pattern for it? X

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