Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You Are The Thunder And I Am The Lightning

Last night I was horrified to find out my dream school holidays is slipping away. It turned out my teen son had forgotten to give me his volleyball training schedule for June. I looked it over and horrors! There are a total of 14 days of training in June. What kind of school holidays is it if a kid has to go back to school for 5 hours every other day? Oh well, at least I get to wake up late every other day.

I do my sewing in a part of my home which we call "study" and I have the desktop behind me when I sew. What makes my sewing more enjoyable is listening to music via iTunes or youtube. Lately I'd been listening to a lot of music that my son liked. I was a little worried that I didn't share any music with my girl. So I was really happy when she introduced Naturally by Selena Gomez to me. I'm surprised I like this song because I imagined only someone very young would like it. Just listen to the lyric...

You are the thunder I am the lightning....
Baby, baby, baby....

Yes, you get the idea. It's that kind of song. But it makes me want to get up and dance. But I have to control myself. My girl gets very uptight if I let loose. You know, I'm beginning to feel like a DJ introducing songs to you guys.

I've been thinking again. Each time I complete a bag I will ask someone "what do you think?" and posting it on my blog is also my way of getting a reaction, searching for some kind of validation, a pat on the back, a well-done Jane, something. When I get good reviews, I feel very good about myself. But when I don't, I feel crabby or worse - clueless. If I continue doing this - letting my creations and reactions to them define how I feel, it will be very damaging to me. Sure, part of the contract of creating something is to make someone like it. But I will no longer let it have a stranglehold over me.

With that declaration in mind, I still could not resist asking my girl "What do you think?" for my latest bag - Denim Randomly Patched Band Pleated Shoulder Bag.
"It's beautiful!" my girl said.
The bands are different. I continued with my Japanese fabric Eastern charm theme. Ordinarily I would not use a stiff fabric such as this denim for a curvy bag but I liked how it would fit in with the random patching.
I wanted a perky bottom!
Does this view of the bag look like a lady sitting down with the skirt all spread out? My 15th bag for June MAAD. (this weekend!) I'll see you when I see you.


tamdoll said...

It's a great bag! The denim does go great with the patchwork and looks like it works well with the shape.

Cute picture... just add a pair of doll legs underneath the edge of the bag and it will definitely look like that skirt!

Chris H said...

That is a gorgeous bag... I love that material you used at the top... it sets off the whole bag.

Ti said...

Love it!. you are very talented Jane :) I've been reading your blog for a while now. Greetings from Melb - Au

Dee said...

another great creation Jane.
you definately need to be kind to yourself. You are ok even if your bag doesn't get a rave review. who knows just 'casue one person doesn't 'dig' it doesn't mean that someone else won't just love it.

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