Monday, June 7, 2010

June MAAD 2010 Post-Mortem

June MAAD didn't start well on Saturday. It rained when I came out of Tanjong Pagar Station. Between the station and red dot design museum was a good 5 minute open-air walk. I had never wondered if my luggage was waterproof? Turned out it was! I used my girl's baby luggage because mine was broken. So I had an additonal hand-luggage plus my own handbag. Then I discovered that about 50m of pavement was flooded. So I had to turn into Superwoman and carry my girl's luggage as well. Can you just picture it? Two bags over one shoulder, one carrying a luggage plus an umbrella!

At MAAD, you can sell inside the museum or on the red floor. I sell on the red floor which is not air-conditioned but it's indoors. This round there were only 7 sellers on the red floor. Most of the sellers who had taken a 3-month selling contract had left due to poor traffic. I doubt if they will come back. Unfortunately they're all my friends! When I first started selling at MAAD, it was possible not to be able to book a table due to high demand. The tables were often so close together, we have to fight for space. Now it's so empty I could practise my pilates moves. Don't worry. No one stared at me funny because all the sellers were nodding away and there are no customers. Ever since MAAD revised its fees, things had gone downhill. Fewer sellers, zero big events, fewer customers.

July is my last month at MAAD. I will take a long break after that. Maybe forever. I don't know yet. I have spoken to some of the sellers. A few are taking breaks after July. I predict August will be a dead month for MAAD.

So as I was saying, Saturday started out badly for me. And just when things couldn't get worse, it did. The room above the red floor where I am decided to do drilling. Oh god. Loud, freaking loud drilling. On and on and on and on. They took a short break. Then back. The few customers who showed up fled into the museum.

On Saturday alone, I sold just ONE bag.
Madam Butterfly
When I made this bag, I did wonder who would be Madam Butterfly.  Correct me if I'm wrong. I think this is the 3rd bag she and her daughter had bought from me. I screamed when she handed over the cash but you cannot really hear on account of the drilling. I've had sweet sales before but I think this is the sweetest sale ever! No, I didn't muah muah her. Okay, I wanted to but I'm still sane enough not to frighten her.

Madam Butterfly is one half of momshoo. They sell poofy badges, buttons, plushies, luggage tags and lots more. Very cute stuff. Please go check them out. They sell internationally.

On Sunday, I really wanted to just stay home and sleep because you can understand I wasn't in the mood. But I'm a professional.

It turned out Sunday was a lot better. Firstly, no rain. The drillers did not work on Sunday. Best of all, I sold 5 more bags and pouches. This makes my total sales for June MAAD to 6 bags/pouches. Not great, I know. But I'll take it.
This is my youngest customer! Look how cute she looks carrying my canvas crossbody bag. I used my daughter's height to make this bag! I'm so pleased she allowed me to take her picture. Thanks sweetie!

It's almost traditional that after every MAAD, I'll take a break and laze around. But I have another craft market to prepare for. I'm selling at Illuma Arts Market this Saturday. I've heard a number of MAAD sellers are also selling at Illuma. So it'll be a mini-MAAD. Ha! I told my hubs and he just shakes his head. I know what he's thinking. But if I want to sell, I must BELIEVE.

Anyway, more on Illuma Arts Mart later.


Chris H said...

What a shame it was so slow this weekend for you. At least you sold some!

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Sorry to hear that you didnt sell many of your beautiful bags at MAAD.

I love the pictures you take of your customers how do you get them to agree? Its love to see the ones the choose kind of tells you about fun

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

jane p said...

Mayya, I'm really shy when it comes to asking for photos of customers. I usually ask when I feel brave. I've only been rejected once. The customer ran away but of course she had already paid. I wish I have the guts to ask every single customer for photos. I always inform them the photos will be published on my blog and that's also a way they can download their photos.

CTStudios said...

That darn rain; what a shame. I was so sure you were going to hit that 30 bag mark. But, on the high side, 6 bags are better than 0 bags and this weekend may be much better.

I love the description of you, the suitcases and all. I'm envision a female superman jumping huge puddles in a single bound.

CreatedandFelted said...

Slow weekends everywhere I think!!
I was exhibiting at a rural country crafts event last weekend and there were so few visiters it was like a ghost town.
I made 3 sales in 2 days, which was more than some crafters there!!!

*Tea said...

you know, i am stalking momshoo on flickr already for a while now.... thanks to you ,)
it´s great to see the person behind.

so many art markets and handmade places you go to, that´s great!
Wish you great sales at Illuma!

jane p said...

*Tea, the creative person behind momshoo is shuning, a very young and talented university student.

Dee said...

Hiya superwoman. :) did ya miss me? i bin in slacko-land... much like the red dot markets - bummer. tell me why is all my favs are the first ones to sell? guess it must be the good taste.

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