Saturday, June 12, 2010

Iluma Arts Market 12 June 2010 Post-Mortem

Yes, I'm back home safe and sound. It's been a long day at Iluma.

The two questions I should have been asking are: Is it OUTDOORS? and Is it WINDY?
It is OUTDOORS and as you can see from my hair above, it was WINDY.
I hid my sign inside the metal grill to stop it from flying away.

This is what I really look like when the wind's not swooshing around. Well, kind of. My hair was a lot flatter when I left my home. The wind WHOOSHED it all up. Yes, I know. After 3 hours at the hair salon, I still look the same!
This before image was taken in end May. I don't like my hair long. It gets curly and all tangled up. And the Singapore sun makes me sweat up a storm.
The sellers in the area where I am located are all from MAAD. Small world.
Just wanted to show you a little of the Iluma facade. These are lights which make little formation come nightfall.
Guess who came to visit? My groupie, Jon. He wore black to appear thinner.

My first customer had a bad hair day. So I could not photograph her. My 2nd rejection!
This is Chris, my 2nd customer. She picked the rabbit cotton drill bag. Do you notice how photogenic all my customers who agree to be photographed are?

As for my 3rd customer... there weren't any! Iluma Arts Market is a tough crowd. The browsers tell me my bags are too expensive. At MAAD, I've been told my bags are priced too low. Having been spoilt by MAAD where HANDMADE is GOLD, the crowd here who are mostly passers-by aren't too impressed with anything handmade. Some fled when I told them I made the bags. I'm serious!  If I want to sell more the next round, I'm gonna have to give a big discount.

And finally, me hubs did say "I told you so."


Chris H said...

I don't think your hair looks awful at all!
YOu are gorgeous, so stop being so down on yourself girl!
As for people not wanting to pay the right price for lovely hand made bags... Pffffft! The just don't appreciate them... let them buy cheap and nasty mass produced bags then!

antmee said...

People who make things understand the work involved and so are willing to pay for something they want. While people who dont create and buy things from $2 stores expect everything to be cheap like the poor quality stuff made in factories around the world.

I for one can see the quality of your bags are far superior to the nasty stuff they are selling in chain stores here in OZ.

jane p said...

Hey Chris and Antmee, thanks.

Okay Chris, I look gorgeous.
Antmee, you've been away!

Selling to the right customer is still something I struggle with.

Catch up with your blogs soon!

Jane P

by night said...

gosh, what a disappointment! & your hair do just look fine to me!

Dee said...

your prices seem fair. the quality is high and I am yet to see two the same.
bummer oin the market. stick to your convictions.
btw - you are lovely.

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